India’s Eicher Goodearth launches Mahina period underwear

March 28, 2024 - India

Eicher Goodearth Private Limited has introduced Mahina, a pioneering brand in women's menstrual management and intimate health products. Mahina period underwear pioneers a new era in menstrual care with its innovative features and eco-conscious design. Each product is meticulously constructed to offer unparalleled absorbency and leak-proof protection, empowering women to navigate their menstrual cycles confidently and comfortably. Notably, Mahina stands as India's premier provider of bonded leak-proof absorbent underwear, setting a new standard in menstrual hygiene.

Mahina period underwear eliminates the need for additional pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. Worn like regular underwear, Mahina offers a hassle -free period. The three-layered gusset is crafted from highly absorbent natural materials, efficiently wicking moisture, absorbing liquid, and securing it in place to prevent leaks. Its elongated design from front to back ensures uninterrupted sleep, the company said in a press release.

Designed for durability, Mahina products are built to last up to 2 years or 100 washes, with stringent testing to ensure no bacterial contamination for complete protection. It is available in four absorbency levels - light (10ml), medium (25ml), heavy (40ml), and super heavy (50ml) - catering to diverse flow needs. With a wear duration of up to 12 hours, Mahina period underwear offers long-lasting comfort without the need for frequent changes or restroom visits. Mahina prioritises user safety by conducting thorough testing and certification to ensure the absence of toxins, providing peace of mind and confidence in product safety.

"Mahina period underwear is a game changer for the Indian market," said Natasha Jamal, Founder and CEO of Mahina. "It is the most comfortable and effective solution for our period. We're excited to transform menstrual health in India, providing a planet and body-friendly alternative that prioritises performance, comfort and environmental consciousness."