US’ Fire-Dex launches non-fluorinated barrier for firefighter gear

April 02, 2024 - United States Of America

Fire-Dex, a leading US-based manufacturer of gear for first responders, has announced its introduction of a non-fluorinated moisture barrier option for turnout gear, marking a significant advancement in personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters. The company has collaborated with Stedfast to incorporate Stedair Clear, the first non-fluorinated moisture barrier of its kind, into their product offerings, showcasing their commitment to innovation and safety.

Stedair Clear represents the latest in barrier technology, designed to not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements set by the NFPA 1971 standards. This barrier is made from a Nomex woven pyjama check, laminated to a non-fluorinated barrier that is enhanced with a highly engineered polymer coating, ensuring both performance and durability. One of the most notable features of Stedair Clear is its impact on overall breathability, Fire-Dex said in a blog post.

"By introducing this non-fluorinated option, firefighters can now make the choice that is right for their department. If they choose to move forward with a non-fluorinated moisture barrier, Fire-Dex can offer the most breathable composite options due to our innovative material science,” said Todd Herring, vice president of product innovation and strategy at Fire-Dex.

Fire-Dex's composites, which include the exclusive TECGEN71 outer shell, have been shown through UL test data to achieve a Total Heat Loss (THL) of over 300, the highest available on the market by a significant margin. This enhancement in breathability is pivotal in reducing heat stress for firefighters by decreasing weight and increasing flexibility in three-layer composites.

In addition to the non-fluorinated moisture barrier, Fire-Dex has also introduced AeroFlex, innovative turnout gear designed to further assist firefighters in managing their core body temperature. AeroFlex incorporates AeroVent Technology, a patent-pending design that facilitates the one-way release of sweat vapor, while preventing the ingress of heat or carcinogens. This is complemented by VaporLite Panels, which are constructed with the TECGEN71 outer shell and a CoreCXP 1-layer thermal liner, allowing for the efficient release of heat.

These advancements by Fire-Dex signify a monumental leap forward in firefighter safety and performance. By choosing materials and designs that enhance protection, breathability, and thermal regulation, Fire-Dex is setting new standards for the industry and providing firefighters with the gear they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.