Covestro to unveil innovative solutions at Techtextil in Germany

April 18, 2024 - Germany

Covestro, a leading polymer manufacturer, will exhibit a wide range of innovative material solutions for the textile industry at Techtextil 2024 from April 23 in Frankfurt. Four different teams of experts will be attending the show, with each presenting a selection of highlights from Covestro’s portfolio that can help textile manufacturers improve the productivity and sustainability of their operations and products.

From more sustainable raw materials to textile recycling technologies, Covestro is supporting the coated textiles value chain in its sustainability transformation thanks to its waterborne INSQIN technology. Exhibits on show at Techtextil include a new concept for automotive interior door panels, breathable vegan coatings for functional textiles, and a next-generation, partly biobased leather alternative made using apple waste.

Covestro’s Desmomelt U range of thermoplastic resins is a new class of aliphatic, non-yellowing polyurethane (PU) powders for adhesives, ideal for processing into filament or foil for digital printing applications. Desmomelt U will be showcased in an automated 2D-printed hot melt application for shoe uppers, where it can significantly reduce the number of processing steps in footwear production and make end-of-life disassembly of shoes easier, the company said in a press release.

With its Platilon and Dureflex film solutions, Covestro helps makers of sportswear and outdoor gear overcome the challenge of balancing processing efficiency, high performance, and consumer safety. The team will showcase the combined power of these thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films in inflatable surfing kites and wings, enabling reliably excellent performance in this demanding application while meeting production requirements, sustainability needs and safety certification standards.

Durable, versatile, soft touch, and more sustainable, Covestro’s recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Desmopan is an innovative mono-material solution that brings strong mechanical and sustainability properties to a diverse array of applications. Techtextil visitors will discover the benefits of Desmopan solutions in more circular truck tarps, attractive artificial leather, and high-performance yarns that help meet the demands of the fashion industry.

“With our wide-ranging selection of high-performance solutions, Covestro’s booth will be an essential destination for Techtextil visitors,” said Thomas Michaelis, head of textile coating in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (EMLA) region at Covestro. “We’re excited to showcase our latest textile innovations in different markets and applications, and to connect with other industry players who share our ambition of enabling a more efficient, more sustainable textile value chain.”