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Company news

Pic: Teijin Ltd
Teijin’s Tenax DR qualified for Airbus A320neo spoilers

22nd Jul 2020

Teijin’s carbon fibre material Tenax Dry Reinforcements (DR) has qualified for Airbus A320neo wing spoilers using a Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) solution that joins Tenax Dry Reinforcements Non-Crimp Fabrics (DRNF) & Tenax Braided Fibres (DRBF) to form skins and stiffeners that maintains existing product interfaces allowing replacement of spoiler...

Pic: Teijin Frontier
Murata and Teijin Frontier innovate antimicrobial fabric

4th Jun 2020

Murata Manufacturing, a leader in manufacture of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, and Teijin Frontier, involved in the integrated manufacture of fibres, have jointly developed the world's first piezoelectric fabric, Pieclex, that generates electrical energy and exhibits antimicrobial performance when a motion is applied.

Pic: Teijin
Teijin setting up Teijin Automotive Centre Europe

31st Jan 2020

Teijin is setting up Teijin Automotive Centre Europe (TACE) in Wuppertal, Germany as a new base for technical functions within the company’s automotive composite business. TACE will enable Teijin to strengthen and advance its solution capabilities by forming a strong platform for collaboration within the Teijin Group’s European automotive composite...

Pic: Veolia
Teijin, Veolia to use waste heat

18th Nov 2019

Teijin and the industrial park operator Veolia have initiated a project to use the waste heat produced at the Heinsberg-Oberbruch site, saving around 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. The waste heat will be fed into the Veolia hot water network, which supplies the local companies. Teijin also wants to use this heat to heat its premises.

Pic: Teijin
Teijin develops innovative solutions for workstyle reforms

29th Oct 2019

Teijin, a technology-driven company offering advanced solutions, is developing a wide range of innovative solutions to further workstyle reforms. The solutions will help Japan which is facing an urgent need to enhance the efficiency and diversity of its workforce as the nation's working population continues to decrease owing to a declining birth-rate.

Pic: Benet Automotive
Teijin takes over Benet Automotive

9th Sep 2019

Teijin, a group which offers advanced solutions in areas as environmental value, and safety, security and disaster mitigation, has taken over Benet Automotive, a leading automotive composite and component supplier in the Czech Republic, from Jet Investment. Teijin will benefit from Benet's automotive composite technologies and its well-proven supply...

Pic: Teijin
Teijin launches unique line-ups of wearable solutions

27th Aug 2019

Teijin has launched a unique line-up of wearable devices integrating highly functional materials, sensing techniques, and know-how in home healthcare to provide new solutions for the society. Teijin, based in Japan, is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of environmental value; safety, security, and disaster...

Pic: Teijin
Teijin completes acquisition of Renegade

6th Aug 2019

Teijin has completed the acquisition of all the shares of Renegade Materials Corporation, a leading North American supplier of highly heat-resistant thermoset prepreg for the aerospace industry. The acquisition was completed on August 1, 2019. Teijin is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in various areas of operations.

Pic: Teijin Frontier
Teijin Frontier develops silk-like polyester fabric

30th Jul 2019

Teijin Frontier, Teijin group’s fibres and products converting company, has developed a polyester fabric that looks and feels like fine silk. Teijin Frontier which envisions various applications for its silk-like material such as blouses and outers from thin to medium thicknesses, is targeting annual sales of 150,000 metres by fiscal year ending March...

Pic: Teijin
Teijin signs joint development agreement with AEV Robotics

19th Jul 2019

Teijin has signed a joint development agreement with an Australian venture, AEV Robotics (AEV). In the first two years, the companies will develop elemental technologies for the envisioned vehicle. The agreement is to create lightweight components and solutions for next generation transportation to realise new forms for transportations in aging society.

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