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NanoTextile bags trophy at Malaysia Tech Excellence Awards

14th Sep 2020

Malaysian company NanoTextile Sdn Bhd recently bagged the Nanotechnology-Apparel trophy at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020, presented by Singapore Business Review. The firm was recognised for its first all-Malaysian initiative titled 'When Fashion Meets Technology', which offers a platform to fashionistas and technologists to collaborate ...

Pic: Rize
Rize introduces Rizium Glass Fibre

25th Aug 2020

Rize, an additive manufacturing company bringing industrial 3D printing to users and a World Economic Forum (WEF) technology pioneer, has introduced Rizium Glass Fibre (GF), a composite 3D printing material with the high-dimensional stability and high stiffness for the strength required for printing large parts. Rizium GF is safe for use in enclosed...

Pic: Toray Industries
Toray develops high tensile modulus carbon fibre

4th Jun 2020

Toray Industries has developed a high tensile modulus carbon fibre and thermoplastic pellets that are ideal for injection molding employing that fibre. The pellets will enable the efficient production of complex, rigid parts which are also light, thereby helping lower the environmental impact. These developments would greatly enhance cost performance.

Pic: OrganoClick
Internetstores to sell OrganoTex textile products

24th Apr 2020

The Internetstores group, the owner of Addnature, is set to sell OrganoTex Textile Waterproofing products in their European webshop, CAMPZ.com, with sales in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. OrganoClick develops biodegradable industrial durable water repellent products for textiles under the brand, OrganoTex.

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IFAI to work with Alliance Funding on fast financing

24th Feb 2020

Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), a member-owned, member-driven trade association representing the global industrial fabrics industry since 1912, has joined hands with Alliance Funding Group to provide IFAI members fast financing at competitive rates. IFAI invests more than $8 million each year to advance the industry and support...

Pic: Hexcel
Woodward, Hexcel to merge to serve aerospace sector

15th Jan 2020

Woodward and Hexcel Corporation are merging to create a premier integrated systems provider - Woodward Hexcel - to serve the aerospace and industrial sectors. The combined company will focus on technology-rich innovations to deliver smarter, cleaner, and safer customer solutions. Woodward Hexcel will be headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Pic: First Graphene
First Graphene unveils new graphene powders

3rd Dec 2019

First Graphene has unveiled the latest formulations of its PureGraph graphene powders. These are now available in production-scale volumes in standard lateral platelet sizes of 20, 10 and 5 micrometres. These are ideal for wide range of industrial applications, to significantly reduce weight and increase strength, thermal and electrical conductivity.

Pic: Econcore
EconCore's summit on thermoplastic honeycomb technology

2nd Dec 2019

Delegates from Europe, North America and Asia representing industries such as commercial transport, automotive, industrial packaging, construction and furniture manufacturing, gathered at a summit hosted by EconCore in Leuven, Belgium to share their experiences with the thermoplastic honeycomb technology. It was EconCore's fourth technology summit.

Pic: Toray
Toray produces first porous carbon fibre

26th Nov 2019

Toray Industries has produced the world's first porous carbon fibre with a nanosized continuous pore structure. Using this fibre as a support layer could lighten advanced membranes used in greenhouse gas separation and hydrogen production and make them more compact, thereby enhancing performance. The company plans to further develop the new material.

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