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Pic: Advanced Composites Training
Canadian composites training institute using augmented reality

22nd Apr 2021

In view of travel restrictions associated with the pandemic, Advanced Composites Training (ACT), the only privately-owned Canadian composites training institute, is using augmented reality to provide intensive composites technology training for the aerospace, aviation, automotive, marine and renewable energy industries. ACT offers 17 courses.

Pic: TRB Lightweight Structures
UK’s TRB begins prepreg material manufacturing to improve performance

22nd Apr 2021

TRB Lightweight Structures has begun manufacturing its own prepreg material to improve performance, cost and lead times for its composite parts. The company has already produced and shipped 25,000 parts using this proprietary, rapid-cure prepreg technology. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of lightweight composite components.

Pic: Shutterstock
Composites UK initiates process for 2021 industry awards

12th Apr 2021

Composites UK, trade association of the UK composites industry, has initiated the process for its 2021 industry awards. It has invited submissions from companies and individuals. The annual awards celebrate the achievements of the UK composites industry in terms of company efforts and individual successes. The awards were postponed last year due to...

Pic: Hexcel
Hexcel joins ASCEND project for lightweight advanced composites

30th Mar 2021

Leading advanced composites company, Hexcel, has become a part of the recently launched UK-based project called Aerospace and Automotive Supply Chain Enabled Development (ASCEND) that will focus on developing high-rate manufacturing and processing technologies that will accelerate the development of new, lightweight advanced composite materials.

Pic: Hypetex
UK’s Hypetex collaborates with Composite Envisions to enter US market

26th Mar 2021

Hypetex, the award-winning innovators and leaders in manufacturing and supply of coloured advanced materials, is collaborating with Composite Envisions, a US based global distributor of composite materials and supplies. Hypetex portfolio of technical coloured carbon fibre materials get entry into the US market for the first time with this partnership.

Pic: Continuous Composites
French company Saint-Gobain invests in US’ Continuous Composites

24th Mar 2021

Saint-Gobain, a French multinational manufacturer and distributor of high-performance materials has made investments in Continuous Composites for development and commercialisation of Continuous Composites’ patented technology, Continuous Fibre 3D Printing (CF3D). The technology enables affordable manufacturing of complex composite structures.

Pic: Refitech Composite Components
German company Whitecane produces all-composite IO white cane

22nd Mar 2021

Whitecane from Duderstadt, Germany, in collaboration with Refitech Composite Components and its German partner CG TEC, has produced an all-composite IO white cane for the visually impaired. Due to the ergonomic thin-walled carbon grip and composite tube, the cane is extremely lightweight, and therefore easy to handle and brings better sensory...

Pic: Pontis  Engineering
Netherlands’ Pontis, AMAC to devise composite solutions for e-mobility

17th Mar 2021

Pontis Engineering, which specialises in one-stop-shop engineering solutions for advanced composite niche applications, is collaborating with AMAC to develop next level composite solutions for the e-mobility sector. The two intend to contribute to meeting the global sustainability challenges with high-end, lightweight and energy-saving composite...

Pic: University of Sydney
University of Sydney team devises method for recycling CFRP composites

16th Mar 2021

Scientists at the University of Sydney have devised a process for recycling of CFRP composites which retains 90 per cent of their original strength. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites, used in products such as wind turbines, aeroplane parts, cars and ships, are non-biodegradable materials and, until now, lacked a viable recycling method.

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