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US' Sage-ONF launches serial production of silicone synthetic leather

21 Jul '22
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Pic: Sage Automotive Interiors
Pic: Sage Automotive Interiors

Sage-ONF, a synthetic leather supplier boasting 29 years of experience in design, development, manufacturing and sales, launches serial production of silicone synthetic leather. The Sage-ONF plant has begun manufacturing the silicone synthetic leather in Shanghai, China. Sage Automotive is a US-based leading provider of automotive interior materials.

As consumers continue to demand greater sustainability commitments, this new venture extends Sage-ONF’s heritage of sustainability by delivering Silicone Synthetic leather as an innovative petroleum-free, non-carbon-based product solution for today’s mobility interiors. With a steadfast conviction to continuous innovation and earth-friendly business practices, this new material avoids DMF and plasticiser usage, the company said in a press release.

Sage and ONF bring 74 years in the automotive interiors business and a deep understanding of cultural trends and design preferences to deliver unparalleled luxury and a soft hand feel that consumers demand for interior mobility needs. Beyond the touch, consumers can have confidence in their interior’s longevity and cleanability—simply wipe stains with a damp cloth to remove them.

However, experience proves that interiors must be tough enough to tackle mile after mile with a super resilient resistance to extreme temperatures. Using UV, hydrolysis, cold crack and flame tests, Sage-ONF ensures long-lasting interiors that enhance the consumer mobility experience. While many claim superiorities in luxury or in sustainability, Sage-ONF exceeds expectations in both realms by using non-solvent and plasticiser-free techniques to create an opulent silicone with ultra-low VOCs.

“Bringing together our core competencies as Sage-ONF, we bridge the gap between consumer expectations and industry capabilities to provide alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and bolster animal welfare around the globe,” Robbie Lv, general manager of Sage-ONF, said.

“By keeping our product, process and mission as our guide, we are pleased to create a silicone synthetic leather that meets the demanding needs of the mobility interior without leather’s known fragility, extra weight, environmental impact and short lifespan. Sage-ONF is proud to deliver interior materials and solutions of tomorrow to OEMs and consumers,” Mark Brezenski, vice president – Asia at Sage, said.

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