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US' Toray Advanced Composites gets high heat press at Nijverdal

May '21
Pic: Toray Advanced Composites
Pic: Toray Advanced Composites
Toray Advanced Composites has installed a next-generation high heat laminate press at its Nijverdal facility in The Netherlands. This expands the company’s thermoplastic composite material capabilities for high-performance applications. Laminates made using the new press are 50 per cent larger than existing laminates in this performance category.

This expansion in capability advances the supply of Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates for high-temperature performance applications across resin systems including Peek, Pekk, and Lmpaek. The press can consolidate up to 400 degrees Celsius. Laminates are available with woven fabric, uni-directional and hybrid reinforcement configurations.

Laminates made using the high-temperature press are 50 per cent larger than existing laminates in this performance category, bringing a unique capability to the composites market. The increased size broadens the adoption of high-performance thermoplastic composite materials to include larger part geometries across both aerospace and industrial applications.

Toray Cetex laminates are fully consolidated in the press, eliminating the need for secondary layup and consolidation stages, enabling efficient and cost-effective high-volume fabrication of high-performance, high-quality thermoplastic composite parts. Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic laminates, also known in the industry as “organo sheets”, undergo rigorous quality inspection to ensure near-zero voids.

Frank Meurs, managing director of Toray Advanced Composites states, “The announcement is an exciting step in our strategic expansion of thermoplastic technology. Building on over 30 years of heritage and innovation within our Cetex thermoplastics, this unique capability underlines our continuing commitment to invest in the future needs of large-scale adoption of thermoplastic composites in an affordable way”.

As with existing Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic laminates, ply orientation, thickness, and reinforcement can be customised to end-user specifications. Additional functionality, such as anti-galvanic corrosion and lightning strike protection, can also be integrated into the laminate at the point of consolidation, providing further processing and performance benefits.

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