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Ulrich Scherbel
Chief Executive Officer, AMSilk

We can provide large quantities of premium bio-fabricated silk...

Davide Vigano
Co-founder & CEO, Sensoria Health

Wearable technology segment will be an important player in...

Uyen Tran
Founder & CEO, TomTex Co

We are developing a nonwoven, 100 per cent biofabric

Hemant Sapra
Co-founder and President, Karam Group

Every major industry requires PPE for the safety of its employees

Ginnymarie Mendis & Shashika Wijesinghe
Chief of Innovation & Technology Lead, FemTech at MAS Holdings

FemTech at MAS is focused on innovating solutions for all stages ...

Jason Finnis
Executive VP, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, BAST FIBRE

Our goal is to become the leading natural fibre solution for...

Simon Fremeaux
Technical Director, CETI

The textile industry is today in a complete revolution linked to ...

David Llados
Sales Director, Fytisa

Nonwovens may be the future in several applications that today...

Dr. Alaa Memari
Product & Process Development Lead, Autins

Automotive NVH for cars is our major market

Dr. Matthew Tipper

Nonwoven products are fundamentally more sustainable than...


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