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Jason Finnis
Executive VP, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, BAST FIBRE

Our goal is to become the leading natural fibre solution for...

Simon Fremeaux
Technical Director, CETI

The textile industry is today in a complete revolution linked to ...

David Llados
Sales Director, Fytisa

Nonwovens may be the future in several applications that today...

Dr. Alaa Memari
Product & Process Development Lead, Autins

Automotive NVH for cars is our major market

Dr. Matthew Tipper

Nonwoven products are fundamentally more sustainable than...

Ricardo Fernandes
Commercial Director, Trim NW

We have a very large share in light scrims for automotive...

Erendiz Anil Kirhalli
Sales and Business Development Director, Kansan Materials

We operate in the hygiene and personal care field of nonwovens

Franky Viaene
Managing Director, Balta Group

Balta Non-Wovens: Total product range contains 50.2% recycled...

Syed Ali
General Manager, MMS Nonwoven

MENA region has a bright future with converted products

Claudio Fracasso
Sales Director, FARÈ

We expect an increase in the use of nonwovens in new applications


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