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Courtesy: Solvay
Low Rhine water levels may affect Solvay’s polyamides

22nd Aug 2018

Advanced materials and specialty chemicals company Solvay is expecting its polyamides activities to be temporarily impacted by the severe drop in water levels along the Rhine river following the persistent heat and drought in Central Europe. Rhine begins in the southeastern Swiss Alps and empties into the North Sea flowing through the German Rhineland.

Officials of Solvay, Faurecia, ITA Augsburg and Premium Aerotec at the launch of IRG Cosimo. Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay, Premium Aerotec, Faurecia unveil IRG CosiMo

14th Aug 2018

Solvay, Premium Aerotec and Faurecia Clean Mobility have unveiled IRG CosiMo (Industry Research Group: Composites for Sustainable Mobility), the industry’s first private consortium focusing on development of materials and process technologies to enable high volume production of thermoplastic composites for both the aerospace and automotive markets.

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay & Safran join hands to make LEAP aircraft engine

9th Aug 2018

Solvay and Safran have signed an agreement to supply advanced structural composites for the LEAP engine, which is manufactured by CFM International and used on Airbus, Boeing, and Comac single-aisle programmes. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals firm. Safran is an aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component, and defence...

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay, Spirit AeroSystems extend supply agreement

28th Jul 2018

Solvay and Spirit AeroSystems have extended their supply agreement for composites and adhesives to be used on nacelle and fuselage applications across Boeing’s commercial programmes. Solvay will provide Spirit with CYCOM 934 carbon fibre composites, SM 905 lightning strike protection, FM 377 and FM 73 adhesive films and BR 127 corrosion inhibiting...

Courtesy: Solvay
Argosy, Solvay partner to expand business in Asia-Pacific

12th Jun 2018

Argosy International and Solvay have entered into a definitive agreement to enable direct service of Solvay’s advanced materials business in the Asia Pacific region. Argosy and Solvay will work closely to ensure a seamless transition for all customers and will be contacting customer to discuss the particulars of this transition over the next two months.

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay, RUAG join hands for space launcher programmes

8th Jun 2018

Solvay, advanced materials and chemical company, will provide RUAG advanced structural composites for US and European space launcher programmes. Solvay will supply MTM 46 composite products for making large integrated structural components including payload fairings, stage and payload adapters, dispensers and separation systems on next-generation...

Courtesy: Velox
Velox to distribute Solvay’s Ixef PARA for medical uses

3rd Apr 2018

Velox GmbH, a leading provider of raw material specialities, has announced a new partnership with Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, to distribute the healthcare grades of Ixef PARA, a special polyarylamide containing 50 per cent glass fibres and best-suited for the development of medical devices as single-use surgical tools.

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay & Boeing to supply composites for making airplane

16th Jan 2018

Solvay has signed an agreement with Boeing for the supply of advanced composites and adhesives in support of the 777X airplane production. Solvay, headquartered in Brussels, is a multi-specialty chemical company. The Boeing is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide.

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay completes acquisition of European Carbon Fiber

14th Nov 2017

Solvay, a multi-specialty chemical company, has completed the process of acquiring European Carbon Fiber GmbH (ECF). This will help Solvay to lead the adoption of composites in automotive applications, to serve selected industrial markets, and to support the potential adoption of large-tow fibres in aerospace. The cost of acquisition has not been...

Courtesy: Solvay
Solvay unveils 2 new polymers for thermal management

10th Nov 2017

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, has unveiled Ryton R-4-300 polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and the Amodel A-89XX series of polyphthalamide (PPA) polymers, expanding thermal management. Ryton R-4-300 PPS offers improved performance in tensile strength while Amodel A-89XX series expands the industry’s broadest PPA for thermal...

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