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Application of Textiles in Design and Construction of Sports Helmet

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Sport participation, either individual, school or club, has become an important part of our society, may be for a healthier lifestyle or for perceived path for success. Sports like basketball, football, cycling, horseback riding pole-vaulting, rock climbing and skiing have become an important part of our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Our children are active in many different sports-being in school, in teams or in individual sports activities. Besides the positive and healthy effects of sports, there are also dangers particularly the danger of head injury. Helmets can significantly reduce the number of head injuries or significantly reduce the severity of head injuries. Since a helmet is the singe, most effective means of preventing and reducing the severity of head injuries there is no good reason not to wear a helmet. To design a functional helmet, it is important to analyze the nature of head injury and the working method of helmets during injury. To read more


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This article was originally presented at ATNT 2007. The authors of this article Sudipta S Mahish and Harinder Pal is associated with The Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, Bhiwani, Haryana, India.

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