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How is Glass Fibre Transforming the Textile Industry?
Diti Shah

Glass fibres stand as a remarkably versatile class of materials. Initiatives aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, minimising emissions, boosting recycling efforts, and encouraging responsible disposal practices are crucial for optimising the sustainability of glass fibre as a material choice. It is set to remain an indispensable reinforcement material.

Global Trade Trends in Nonwovens and the Future

Nonwoven fabrics have unique properties and performance. The nonwoven products market is currently experiencing steady growth, but it must adapt to ongoing changes in the global economy, the availability of raw materials, and the evolving preferences of consumers. So, extensive research is needed on the economic factors associated with nonwoven production.

Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete

Concrete has high compressive strength, stiffness, low thermal and electrical conductivity, but it lacks in tensile, flexural strength as well as structure formed is brittle and not tough.

Flax Fibre Reinforced Textile Composites

Over the last decade, composites of polymers reinforced with natural fibres have received ever increasing attention, both from the academic world and from various industries.

Development of New Functional Fibers for Composites in Aerospace and Railway Industries

The current mutation from metal to composites has given rise to important challenges for the aerospace and railway industries.

3D Fabrics : A Technological Review

The future of textiles is very unpredictable due to day by day innovations in the various fields of textiles such as composite textiles and one such example is Three Dimensional Fabrics such as Multi-Layer, Orthogonal, Domed, Nodal, Spacer Fabrics, etc.

Solar Textiles

A solar panel is a device that uses energy from the sun and converts it into other forms of energy that humans consume for a variety of purposes.

High-end luxury brands yet to take off at Indian airports
Vijaya Rathore

A few months ago, senior executives of Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo met officials at the Delhi international airport and came away impressed by the swanky T3 terminal.

Various Applications of Awnings and Canopies

Awnings are widely used in commercial and residential buildings for decoration, protection or visibility.

Flexible Check Dam for Watershed Management An Innovative Application of Technical Textile

Over the last few decades, technical textiles have emerged as a new class of civil engineering material bringing out revolutionary changes in numerous areas including dams, roads, embankments, erosion control, soil reinforcement etc.

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