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Air Bags for Automobiles
Moin.S Khan

The term automobile means all kind of textile component e.g. fibers, filament, yarn and fabric used in transportation like cars, train, buses, air planes and marine vehicles. Over 15-20 different kinds of fabric are used in automobiles. Automotive textiles are engineered fabrics to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive automobile manufacturer requirement. Textiles provide a ...

Theory behind Air Bags Application in Automobiles

In an automobile, seat belts and air bags are the two main items as safety device is concerned. The development of air bags began with the idea for a system that would restrain automobile drivers and passengers in an accident. Textiles are used in cars for a wide variety of purposes: to enhance comfort, thermal insulation, design, vehicle safety and more insulation, often required...

A Novel Thermal Regulatory PCM Based Automotive Interior

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are receiving tremendous attention in textiles because of its thermo regulatory properties within a narrow range.

Testing Of Technical Textiles

The term quality is somewhat intangible in its definition since it will mean different things to different people or even different companies involved in the manufacture or use of the textile item.

Application of Technical Textiles in Automotive Filters

The importance of textile filter media in air filtration is to control air pollution. Air filtration plays an important factor in improving air quality and hygiene at work.

Development of New Functional Fibers for Composites in Aerospace and Railway Industries

The current mutation from metal to composites has given rise to important challenges for the aerospace and railway industries.

Futuristic in Technical Textile

Textiles are no more limited for use as apparels clothing. With the rapid changes in the social economic structure of our society, textiles enhancing the quality of human life trough protection against various hazards as well as adverse environment. Technical textiles are the fastest growing area of textile consumption in

Poonam Kumari

Automobile is the lifeline of present society. Trade, Industry and Commercial activity extremely dependent on this sector. Therefore, it is no exception that tremendous growth and development is taking place in this sector. This automotive sector consumes a lot of textile materials that may be visible or concealed in automobile.

Technical Textiles in the Changing Economic Landscape
Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar

The first Friday each month creates enormous buzz and anxiety in the United States. This is the day, when the U.S. government's Department of Labor puts out its monthly job report. September’s job report in the U.S. presented a gloomy picture with a net 95,000 job loss. The U.S. economy is a good barometer for the global economy.

'In Pursuit of Perfection' Carbon fibres drive the future of lightweight cars

Environmental concerns regarding carbon-di-oxide emissions have stimulated considerable interest in the minds of people. Technologies are also getting the fever, and are coming up with new innovations to reduce fuel consumption for passenger cars. Vehicle design

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