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Business strategy of technical textiles
Pradeep Kulshrestha

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is an advanced material innovation of the 20th century, says Pradeep Kulshrestha. The country has a good amount of Research and Development (R&D) in technical textiles in the fields of weaving, knitting, nonwovens and allied fields. These are conducted by institutes like ATIRA, NITRA, SITRA, SASMIRA and DKTE institute.

Material for the future
Pradeep Kulshrestha

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is the advanced innovation of the 20th century, says Pradeep Kulshrestha.

Expanding Horizons of Textiles - A Versatile Product
Madhu Sharan

Textile has been invented, researched, modified for apparels initially. Its versatility has extended the application to many other areas. This paper gives an over view of the non apparel use of the textiles.<br><br>"Textile is a global text which has the extra style of applications in all fields-feel it and endures it".

Textile at Agriculture Application

This topic has the macro views of the new venture of textile's interference into Agriculture. "Agriculture is the backbone of our country" went the saying so far. But do you know that textile can be the backbone of agriculture?

Futuristic in Technical Textile

Textiles are no more limited for use as apparels clothing. With the rapid changes in the social economic structure of our society, textiles enhancing the quality of human life trough protection against various hazards as well as adverse environment. Technical textiles are the fastest growing area of textile consumption in

Agrotextiles - A New Alternative for Agriculture Protection

When the climate conditions are not favorable for plant growth, we try to change this environment and make if appropriate for the culture. The most usual technique for this is building a greenhouse or tunnel lined with plastic or other material. Thus, we change the environment helping the plant to grow better. As a result, this environment has not only the appropriate soil, available...

Development of Agromat for Horticultural Applications

Today water conservation is one of the major Global issues especially in developing countries like India. India has 4% of the world's water, studies show average availability is shrinking steadily. It is estimated that by 2020, India would become a water-stressed nation.

Agro Textiles - A Review
Dr.Ruma Chakrabarti, K.Gowri & R.Senthil Kumar

Agriculture is the largest industry in the world. Today, agriculture, horticulture area has realized the need of tomorrow and opting for various technologies to get higher overall yield, quality and tasty agro products. Adopting the hi-tech farming technique, where textile structures are used, could enhance quality and overall yield of agro-products.

India to grow faster in Technical Textiles
Kunwar Venkteshwar Singh

Technical textile is the emerging area for investment in India. Though India is the 2nd largest textile economy in the world after China, its contribution in the global technical textile industry is insignificant. The market size of technical textiles was estimated to have a volume of 16.71 mn.

Thermal Properties of Clothing Systems Evaluated in Cold Environmental and Low-Sweating Conditions
Damjana Celcar

This paper presents the results from evaluating the thermal properties of clothing systems by using a sweating thermal manikin Coppelius that simulates heat and moisture production in a similar way to the human body, and measures the influence of clothing on heat exchange in different environmental and sweating conditions. In order to evaluate the influence of cold environmental

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