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Transforming Home Comfort
Trenae Williams

The hometech textiles market is booming with growth potential. With rising consumer demand for home renovation, heightened fashion consciousness, and a focus on sustainability, the home textiles market emerges as a lucrative segment within the global textile industry. This article illustrates the latest trends driving this market forward.

Wearable Electronic Skin: The Future of Health Monitoring
Laurent Ithier

Advancements in wearable technology have transformed health monitoring, and the emergence of Electronic Skin (E-skin) stands at the forefront of this revolution. E-skin, a flexible and molecular-level monitoring device, promises to redefine health tracking by offering comprehensive insights into our well-being enabling real-time and continuous monitoring.

Supply-demand mismatch looms large for smart clothing

Smart clothing has been of research interest for many years and only recently have we seen products that cater to the mass-market outside military and space travel. However, consumer demand for smart clothing has not caught up well, while patent data shows that research in this field is massive, dominated by large players like Nike and Google among others.

MIT's digital fibre to revolutionise wearable tech

Fibers@MIT, a research group at MIT, has developed a digital fibre with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. It could well be setting Moore’s law in motion for computational fabrics. But a lot depends on market acceptability and use-cases for this technology. Let’s have a look at what changes this innovation can bring in e-textiles.

Wearable Smart Textiles

The original and main function of textiles was to protect our body from environmental conditions like sunrays, cold wind, rain etc. Later on, aesthetic as well as comfort properties came to play a role in clothing. In the new generation of textiles has arisen smart and interactive textiles. These smart textiles help to keep us safe in any extreme environment

Inside Out

Fashion is embracing technology like never before. Here's everything you need to know about smart textiles and how technology is reshaping the textiles and apparel industry.The fashion world is changing inside out, and technology is adding more perks to the new fashion. We are living in an era where technology has revamped almost everything around us and f

IoT in Intelligent Mobile Health Monitoring System by Smart Textile

An IoT is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enables objects to collect and exchange data by controlling remotely across existing network infrastructure, for direct integration of the physical world into computer systems. "Things," in the IoT

Graphene, Novel Innovations Hold Key to Futuristic Smart Textiles
Vinit Sawant

Clothing is one of the three basic needs of humans. Since the primitive age, man has been using textile for clothing in the forms of sailcloth, tent, ropes and other protective garments. However, back then textile was used only for technical performance. Today, technology has become so advanced and adaptive that there are materials that sense and react accor

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