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Application of Acrylic on Home Textiles
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Application of Acrylic on Home Textiles

Written by: V. Parthasarathi

Source: Textile Review


Bed covers are quite important commodities in our dailylives. After completion of heavy routine work we will go to bed by relaxing ourpain. Much of our next day mood depends on how we are comfortably treated bythese bed covers? Are they sufficiently soft? Are they unnecessary harsh? A lotdepends on qualities of bed covers. The recent fashion changed life style;purchasing power and maintenance have let to complexity and varied requirementsof bed covers.

They can be broadly classified into four groups. Aesthetic, Constructional,Recyclable, Functional

To meet the above requirements the properties of the bed coverfabrics should be as follows:

a)      Excellentdyeability to any tone / shade

b)      Good design inline with fashion of the day

c)      Easy to handle

d)      Softness, bulkiness,etc

e)      DimensionalStability

f)        Easy care

The above factors are kept in mind; an attempt has been madeto develop a 100% acrylic bed cover. Presently acrylic yarns are gainingimportance in home textile applications due to their excellent physical andchemical properties. The acrylic fabric are compared with 100% cotton bed coverfor various properties like crease recovery, bending length, water vapourtransfer and water retention. From the test results, it has been found thatacrylic bed covers are superior than cotton bed covers with respect to itsdurability, absorption, drying and dimensional stability properties.



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The author is associated with Department of Fashion Technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India

Originallypublished in TextileReview: September 2009- Vol 4 Issue 9

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