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Application of Nonwoven in Filtration
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Application of Nonwoven in Filtration

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Inall the manufacturing industries, filtration is an important process inseparating the unwanted dust particles during the process. Textile materialsplay a vital role in the industrial filters. Filtration process consists of twomain processes namely filtration and cleaning of filters. Woven, knitted andnonwoven textiles materials are generally used as filter fabrics. Nonwovenmaterial yields better filtration efficiency compared to other materials.Needle felt nonwoven are mostly used as filtration fabrics. Various type oftextile fibers are used as nonwoven filtration fabrics depends upon itsperformances. In this paper, the details about the nonwoven filtration process,use of nonwoven in filtration and the latest developments in the application ofnonwoven as filtration fabrics is mainly focused. The nonwoven filters ofdifferent variety of textile fibers are listed in this paper and thespecialties of those nonwoven filters are highlighted. To read more,

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