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Challenges in Designing Protective Garments
Protective textile

Challenges in Designing Protective Garments

Written by: Yuvaraj. K. S

In the range of every day fashionable clothing thedesign is a mean of achieving a positive reaction of an observer and potentialcustomer. It is in human nature to respond on visual experience of an object,meaning the surroundings objects as well as clothing and other product forpersonal everyday use. This visual experience and psychophysical reaction thatarises from that visual impulse have a crucial impact on drawing the decisionsabout accepting or rejecting certain product.

Aesthetic design can affect the success or failureof a clothing system through the way it makes the user feel, allows forpersonal expression, and generally enables the physiological functions ofclothing. The importance of human reaction on positive visual impulses andaesthetics should be considered as an important factor also in the field ofhighly specified, protective textiles and clothing in professional and personalwear.

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