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Greenfield SME Nonwoven Technical Textile Project

Greenfield SME Nonwoven Technical Textile Project

Written by: Munish Tyagi


Aproject business model of a New Filter media unit of 4 Ton/day, on Needlepunched technology, under Business start up scheme.

AnOverview and emergence technical textiles in India

       The size of Indias textileindustry is touching a $70 billion level, with exports of $35 billion includinggarments and made ups. However, the share of nonwovens and technical textileproducts is yet a poor 12-13% vis-a-vis almost 65-70% for advanced economies ofUSA, Europe, and Japan.

       The ray of hope is, however,that the Technical textiles sector is growing at a faster rate of 12-13% p.a.while traditional or core textile sector averaging 6-7% even though riding onGarment sector as its driver.

       Hoping that India maintains anavg GDP path of 6-6.5% growth, the potential for demand growth in technicaltextiles and nonwovens is indeed very assuring towards retaining the doubledigit growth at 12-13% p/s over next 10 years.

       With increasing standard ofliving, increasing in young and aspiration consumers driving the retail growth;the fast evolving technical textile sector will open new business opportunitiesfor entrepreneurs choosing this domain.

       However, success awaits thosewho will have a head-start and, would be able to understand the nuances ofmultiple technologies, and their products, and finally the most relevantbusiness models to derive cost & viability of new projects in the openmarket conditions.

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Munish Tyagi is the CEO of Nuovatex Projects Company, New Delhi

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