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Introduction to Soft Floor Coverings - Carpets &amp Rugs
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Introduction to Soft Floor Coverings - Carpets &amp Rugs

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

This article gives a brief idea about Soft Floor coverings and its uses, what is a carpet and for what it is used for, and the types of rugs and its usage in the soft floor coverings. It also contains some information about various fibres and yarns used in the carpets and rugs, Types of carpets and the methods of laying the carpets for floorings. Tools and techniques for carpet fitting, etc. This article also contains the other details like maintenance and care of carpets and the use of carpets over the floorings.

Generally, the information about carpets and its methodologies can be found scattered in various sources, here in this article I tried to collect such information and presented in a better way so that it will be useful for anyone who are interested in knowing about carpets and floor coverings and its methodologies. It is more of a Home Textile related content and I hope that this article is filled with enough information about the soft floor coverings will be helpful in many ways.

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