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Jute based needle-punched nonwoven in technical textiles

Jute based needle-punched nonwoven in technical textiles

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Needle-punched nonwoven technology is considered to be a forward technology and is one of the promising alternatives very much suited to the jute industry. Needle-punched nonwoven technology appears to be particularly relevant to the jute industry in view of its high productivity and low wage component of the production cost associated with it. Besides, this offers a means of diversifying into various value added product, which would fetch better returns to the industry using even waste fibres. Today, production of jute needle-punched nonwoven fabric is limited to a few thousand tons of needled felts used mainly for packaging, cushioning and carpet under laying. Thus, much of the jute needle-punched nonwoven textiles remain untapped. The researches on jute based needle-punched nonwoven have been carried out in following broad areas:

1.       Use of un-spinnable fibre wastes,

2.       To identify and characterize the different uses,

3.       Blending of jute with other natural or synthetic fibres,

4.       To study the structure-property relations

Out of various systems of needle-punched nonwoven preparation, parallel laid, cross laid and air laid batts are appears to be suitable in fabric preparation with needle punched and adhesive bonded needle-punched nonwoven technologies, particularly with relevant to jute. The appropriate technology of manufacturing jute needle-punched nonwovens not only produces the diversified products from jute but also creates the value addition. Jute needle-punched nonwoven products offer cost effective and market oriented diversification for jute. However, more extensive research, intensive production and marketing expertise have to be built into the jute sector to make jute needle-punched nonwovens a commercial success for jute diversification.

This paper initially deals with jute, its properties and advantages. Thereafter, special emphasis has been given on preparation and properties of jute based needle-punched nonwoven and different potential applications on technical textiles.

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The author of this article S. Sengupta, S. Debnath, S. Mondal, J. Saha, B. Ghosh, K K Satapathy are associated as Scientist & Sr. Scientist with Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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