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Medical Textiles: Disposable Nonwovens
Medical textiles

Medical Textiles: Disposable Nonwovens

Written by: Fibre2Fashion


MedicalTextiles is a branch of technical textiles dealing with textiles usage inmedical field. Medical textiles are proving to be just as important as themedicines that are in use today. These textile products act in the samecapacity as they treat and prevent medical problems with patients. Meditechproducts include textile material used in hygiene, health and personal care aswell as surgical applications. Thepresent poster will primarily focus on disposable nonwovens in Medical &Healthcare/Hygiene products. Healthcare and hygiene products are an importantsector in the field of medicine and surgery. These products include gowns,drapes, masks, caps, diapers, sanitary napkins etc. With the advancement in thetechnology, the future of disposable textiles is set to grow. The nonwovenprocesses employed mainly for the disposables are SMS, meltblown, spun laid,Spunlace etc. Some of the factors supporting the growth of disposable textilesin India are Population factor, Growing economy, Purchasing power, Medicaltourism. However, the market is untapped but opportunities are huge.

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