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Myth Buster: Smart Apparel – Why is it still a Carrel?

Written by: Vatsala Shukla

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The era of smart apparels has not yet dawned fully as was expected though there has been endless research going on in this direction. There are various myths and misconceptions surrounding the technology of smart garments which this article intends to bust.

With the addition of technology everything is getting smarter, be it the city we live in, the cellphones, doorbells, locks, even the garments that we wear and of course all of us too. There was a time when people used to believe that a single device is only meant for a single purpose but now everyone wants an “All in One solution” for multiple things. The garment industry has bridged this gap with technology by introduction of the smart apparel range. But there are some myths and beliefs related to smart apparels that makes people hesitant to even try it for once.

What are Smart Apparels?

These are a certain category of garments which provides an enhancement to the consumer in terms of monitoring certain activities of the individual or providing certain functionalities to the garment that makes it different from the normal garments that we wear. An example can be a t–shirt that measures the heart rate and keeps a count on calories burnt while you work out. Another example could be a safety apparel which sends signals to your loved ones along with your location for them to reach out to you immediately in case of any danger. Let us look at some of the common misconceptions that people hold about smart clothing along with the truth behind them.

1.Smart apparel will cost a fortune – Many of us assume that since technology gets incorporated in apparel, it will get costlier. This is not the case, there are many brands trying to cater to the larger group of consumers that is there in the mid-market segment. Many smart garments will cost you the same what a premium top or tee does, having incorporated additional features to make you stand out in front of others.

2.Smart garments are only for fitness fanatics – There is only one among many popular segments of smart apparels that is for gym freaks. In fact, there is a much larger range of smart clothing for senior citizens, childcare as well as for the purpose of safety for women. These smart garments monitor certain physical activities and have incorporated GPS system to make sure that the loved ones are healthy and safe wherever they are.

3.Smart garments will have an electronic setup -- Not every smart garment needs to have a gadget installed or plugged onto it. There are some garments that pack the sensors into the textile seamlessly without even them being noticed. These can be stretchable, breathable and you do not have to carry any gadget along with you. The enhancement of nano technology and nano wiring have made smart clothing seamless.

4.Durability – Many people believe that smart clothes would require a lot of care and won’t be durable in the long run. This is yet another myth. Smart textiles are made easy to care. In most cases, these could be washed too. In other cases where there is a device attachment, one needs to remove it before washing and then plug it back for next use. Many of them are chargeable, like any other smart devices and others use batteries. In both cases, the durability is taken care of.

5.Fashion and smart clothing can’t go hand in hand – The very idea of smart apparel is to merge fashion with functionality, which it does well. There are minimal to no compromises made on the fashion part of the garment because of the technology involved. Instead, manufacturers try to make it as comfortable, fashionable, and seamless as possible.

Smart apparel is not very popular and very few brands have experimented in this genre. It provides a wide range of solutions to the consumers to choose from. Only when one tries it, one can understand what advantages it can provide. So do not let any of the above misconceptions keep you away from trying out smart garments. Instead, go ahead and make a positive and pragmatic shift in your fashion sense.

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