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Nanotechnology & Textiles : Medical Textiles, Sport/Outdoor Textiles – Part I
Medical textiles Sports textiles

Nanotechnology & Textiles : Medical Textiles, Sport/Outdoor Textiles – Part I

This report covers the specific areas of outdoors/sports textiles and medical textiles enhanced by nanotechnology. In the textile sector three main segments are distinguished: apparel (fashion), interior textiles and technical textiles. In Europe, the value distribution for the year 2008 was the following: apparel 37%, interior 33% and technical textiles 30%. In general, during recent decades the technical textiles segment has seen the strongest growth; for example during the period 19952005 the value of this market has grown from Euros 65 to Euros 85 billion. In terms of tonnage (not value) Europe is not the largest market for advanced technical textiles; Asia consumes 8.5 million tonnes, about half of global technical textile production, whereas US and Europe consume 5.8 million and 4.8 million tonnes respectively In Europe four countries consume about half of the technical textiles in terms of value: Germany, France, the UK and Italy The technical textiles industry in Germany is 45% of the textile industry, compared to 30% in France, 30% in the UK and 12% in Italy

Non conventional advanced technical textiles are high added value products and represent, at the moment, a limited portion of technical textiles sector. However, they are expected to grow steadily in the forthcoming future, progressively gaining a larger share in terms of both volume and value, in a large variety of sectors including medical textiles and sports/ outdoors textiles.

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This article was originally published in the New Cloth Market magazine, January, 2012.

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