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Nonwovens Technical textile

NewsWrap '19-Select 20: Technical Textiles

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Report predicts rise in demand for nonwovens by 2023

A report published by INDA andEdana forecasts strong market demand for nonwovens materials through the nextfive years, according to the Worldwide Outlook for the Nonwovens Industry,2018-2023. INDA is the association of the nonwoven fabrics industry, and Edanais the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries.In 2008-18, production increased 5.7 per cent, led by growth in spunbond /spunmelt and dry laid hydroentanglement…

EU rule threatens fast growth of medical textiles

Though the market for medicaltextiles has the potential to be one of the fastest growing technical textilecategories between 2018 and 2025, its growth is threatened by a new, stringentEuropean Union (EU) regulation for medical devices, said a report in TechnicalTextile Markets published by global business information firm TextilesIntelligence. The Medical Devices Regulation (MDS) becomes mandatory in 2020and poses a threat to the growth prospects of the medical textile sector-notleast because it will have a major impact on product development andinnovation.

Brown University uses graphene to stop mosquitoes

Teijin Frontier develops silk-like polyester fabric

Ford, McDonald's to use coffee bean skin in car parts

Collaboration struck for new generation space apparel

A new way to compress mold parts devised

First lightweight 3D printed bridge in Netherlands

New tech for lighter tougher composites

New RF-friendly manhole covers developed

University develops garment system to help autistic people

Road surface with textile-reinforced plastic designed

Solmax introduces RockArmour to oil and gas industry

MIT team finds spider silk's use in artificial muscles

Recycled nonwovens produced at technical centre

Scientists create fabric to harvest body heat

New microfibre developed for nonwovens industry

European projecttransforming textile, cosmetic industries

Indian start-up Sanfe launches reusable sanitary pads

Diaper which signals time for change by Chinese team

Scientists from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) have developed a diaper design which visually signals it is time for diaper change even in darkness. For every new parent, it can be a challenge to know exactly when to change a baby's diaper. Changing too often seems unnecessary but if not prompt enough, a diaper rash may result. The new diaper design potentially rids new parents of this inconvenience, making a diaper change a simpler decision. Compared to existing diapers, this new design does not only visually signal babies' urine but also stool, even in darkness.

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