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Smart and Interactive Textile

Smart and Interactive Textile

Written by: Saddamhusen Jamadar


Smart and interactive textiles are fibrousstructures that are capable of sensing, actuating, generating/storing powerand/or communicating. Research and development towards wearable textile-basedpersonal systems allowing e.g. health monitoring, protection & safety, andhealthy lifestyle gained strong interest during the last 10 years.

Smart fabrics and interactive textile wearablesystems regroup activities along two different and complementary approachesi.e. "application pull and technology push". This includespersonal health management through integration, validation, and use of smartclothing and other networked mobile devices as well as projects targeting thefull integration of sensors/actuators, energy sources, processing and communicationwithin the clothes to enable personal applications such as protection/safety,emergency and healthcare. so here in case of smart textiles we are using theconductive fibers such as metal yarn. This paper includes the origin andintroduction of smart textile and integrated wearable electronics for sportwear, industrial purpose, automotive & entertainment applications,healthcare & safety, military, public sectors, and new developments insmart textiles.

The paper wishes to focus on smart and interactivetextiles, therefore the whole paper is dedicated to this. Definitions, workingconditions, purpose and applications in various fields of interactive textileare included here, as well as the future of smart and interactive textile alsogiven in brief.

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About the Author:

Saddamhusen Jamadar isassociated with the D.K.T.ES Textile & Engineering Institute,Ichalkaranji.

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