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Sportech - Making Sports Smarter, Faster & Safer
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Sportech - Making Sports Smarter, Faster & Safer

Written by: Amit Sengupta & Mayur Basuk

Worldwide there is an increased interest in traditional as well as nontraditional sports like adventure sports particularly among the ladies and youths. Among Indians, adventure sports activities are still at nascent stage, but country is hub for adventure sports for tourists. With the increase in living standard and change in life style, adventure sports will grow in India. In addition, manufacturing activities of textiles for sports including adventure sports are shifting from developed countries to developing countries.

Today, battles are not fought in battlefield, but it is fought on playgrounds. Records set by sportsmen in particular international event often are demolished in the next event. Today sportsman requires special sports clothing to enhance his comfort, protection and performance to supersede his competitors. Thus, Indian Sportech has to play very important role as product of modern material science amongst the sporting nations.

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