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Theory behind Air Bags Application in Automobiles
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Theory behind Air Bags Application in Automobiles

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In an automobile, seat belts and air bags are the two main items as safety device is concerned. The development of air bags began with the idea for a system that would restrain automobile drivers and passengers in an accident. Textiles are used in cars for a wide variety of purposes: to enhance comfort, thermal insulation, design, vehicle safety and more insulation, often required acoustic properties.

Automotive textiles are engineered fabrics to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive automobile manufacturer requirement. There exists a lot of competition among the manufacturer due to globalization, which is making it one of the most happening industries. In the present paper; various fibers used in airbag production, different types of airbags system, recent developments in airbag system are dealt with explanation of chemistry. Textiles are finding increased application in today's world because of the increased production of automobile in the world. It won't an exaggeration to predict this textile to be the textiles of the 21st century. Textile materials are used in automotive for interior trim and for ensuring comfort as well as for reinforcement. Textile material is used primarily for their technical performances and functional properties rather than their aesthetics and their decorative value.

This article was originally published in the Textile Review magazine, January, 2013 issue, published by Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.

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Aravin Prince Periyasamy* & Moin Khan are associated with the Department of Textile Engineering at the DKTE Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji

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