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3D Fabrics : A Technological Review
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3D Fabrics : A Technological Review

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Thefuture of textiles is very unpredictable due to day by day innovations in thevarious fields of textiles such as composite textiles and one such example is ThreeDimensional Fabrics such as Multi-Layer,Orthogonal, Domed, Nodal, Spacer Fabrics, etc. These 3d fabrics haveversatile physical & structural attributes and various application scopesin specialty industrial fabrics, medical technology,aero space applications and so on. 3D fabrics havewide methods in terms of manufacturing processes like Stitching Operation, Multilayer Principle, OrthogonalPrinciple, Angle Interlock Principle and Dual Direction Shedding Method.The fabrics used in composites manufacture are referred as Preforms and areespecially engineered as a single-fabric system to impart reliability andperformance. 3D Preforms appear to be better than the most conformable 2Dfabrics. The flexural, tensile and compressive stiffness and strength arebetter in laminates made from 3D preforms than those made from comparable 2Dwoven or knitted fabrics mainly due to the absence of in-plane crimp of yarnsin materials. This paper gives brief idea on three dimensional fabrics based ontheir types, their manufacturing processes and applications.

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Ashish Hulle, SidharthaPatil, Akshay Bohara & Vivek Bharamkar are associated with D.K.T.E.S. Textile and Engineering Institute Ichalkaranji-416115

(Note: This paper wasalso published in Textile Review Journal in Vol. 7; Issue 3 March 2012 page no.22-26 & 13.)

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