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Development of Agromat for Horticultural Applications
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Development of Agromat for Horticultural Applications

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

Today water conservation is oneof the major Global issues especially in developing countries like India. Indiahas 4% of the worlds water, studies show average availability is shrinkingsteadily. It is estimated that by 2020, India would become a water-stressednation. An innovative fibrous structure, Agro-Mat has been developedto reduce the consumption of water during irrigation of plants. Initial trialshave established that the newly developed Agro-Mat can save water by 72% incomparison with traditional watering techniques, such as, OverheadWatering/Sprinkling etc. Additionally, these structures can also be used forthe storage and transportation industry where uniform supply of moisture isrequired to reduce spoilage of raw or finished products.


Aswe, all know that Horticulture is very vast sector in India and without water,this can‟t survive. It is estimated that all the horticulture crops puttogether cover nearly 11.6 million hectares area with an annual production of91 million tonnes. This shows that there is an urgent need to develop betterwatering systems to save both water and energy for the horticulture industry.It is also required to understand various watering techniques and its effect onplant performance to reduce the wastage of water.

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Mr. Akshay Katyal B.Tech in Textile Technology fromPanipat Institute of Engineering &Technology wrote this article, and thisproject had won first prize in the paper presentation competition organized byPearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi in year 2010.

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