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Expanding Horizons of Textiles - A Versatile Product
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Expanding Horizons of Textiles - A Versatile Product

Written by: Madhu Sharan

Textile has been invented, researched, modified for apparelsinitially. Its versatility has extended the application to many other areas.This paper gives an over view of the non apparel use of the textiles.

Textile is a global text which has the extra styleof applications in all fields-feel it and endures it.

Mankindknows textiles by generations. The history of textiles can be traced back tothe age when human beings tried to cover their body for safety and protection-even well before the production of fabrics and other products started onmachines. On a broad outlook it appears that textiles have no applicationother than apparel purposes. The time of thinking fibres as a source ofproducing clothing and home textile products is still vibrant in the market,however, the wave of innovation is inundating higher. Land, water and air allare witnessing the fascinating services of textiles. Today, it is one of thegigantic disciplines of product development for non-apparel applications. Interms of the material performance, textiles can be seen working at theinterdisciplinary level by offering the several technical advantages that maynot be accumulated in a single material traditionally known. But as a matterof fact, there are also non-apparel uses of textiles such as technicalapplications.

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Aboutthe Author:

Madhu Sharan is a Reader at the Clothingand Textiles Department and the Faculty of Family and CommunitySciences at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara.

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