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Glow Discharge Treatments for the Modification of Technical Textiles
New Cloth Market

Due to increasing requirements on the finishing of textile fabrics, increasing use of technical textiles with synthetic fibers, as well as the market and society demand for textiles that have been processed by environmentally sound methods, new innovative production techniques are demanded. In this field, the plasma technology shows distinct advantages because it is environmentally...

Applications of Distance Fabrics and Multiple Layer Weaves in Technical Textiles
Dominique Maes

In the field of technical textiles, the companies of the Van de Wiele Group are active in different sectors of textile machinery and are offering solutions to actual demands of their technical textile customers. NV Michel van de Wiele, the leading supplier of carpet and velvet weaving machines

EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres
Dr. Norbert Brunk

Fibre consumption worldwide is currently made up of about 58% manmade fibres and about 42% natural fibres. Although the percentage of cotton has slightly and continuously grown in the last years, its share of the total consumption of fibres is about 40% only

Technical Textiles Technologies: Current Scenario and Prospects Ahead

Present Market and Growth of Technical Textiles: According to a paper prepared by the Ministry of Textiles on technical textile industry, world market for technical Textiles products to around 23.77 million tonnes by 2010, worth $127 billion and among them India and China will be global demand growth driver for Asia

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