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Decoding China's technical textile market

When you think of textiles, not many of us think of the technical factor.<br /><br />Technical textile includes material that is mainly used for its technical properties and superior performance. A report by Transparency Market Research predicts that the demand for technical textile will increase to US$ 160.38 billion by the end of 2018. The report also says that technical textile will...

'In Pursuit of Perfection' Carbon fibres drive the future of lightweight cars

Environmental concerns regarding carbon-di-oxide emissions have stimulated considerable interest in the minds of people. Technologies are also getting the fever, and are coming up with new innovations to reduce fuel consumption for passenger cars. Vehicle design

Booming Market for Automobile Textiles:Forecasts for 2012

On an average, 165 tonnes of fabrics are used in car manufacturing process every year. The demand for comfort, concern for safety while driving, and an increasing focus towards reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have all augmented the usage of special textiles in automobiles

Development and Competition Forecasting of Industrial Textile in China
Chuanxiong Zhang, Minru Zhu, Yan Zhang

In the last decade, industrial textile in China has already experienced rapid increase, especially the last five years with annual growth rate of above 18%. In 2007, the output of industrial textile in china was 5443.2 thousand tons, which is 906.2 thousand tons more than that of 2006 and occupies 15.4% of the total output of textile fibers.

Indian technical textiles prospects
Sakthiprasad Chakrabarty

Technical textiles have been slowly but steadily gaining ground due to one or more of the reasons such as functional requirement, health and safety, cost effectiveness, durability, high strength, light weight, versatility, customisation, user friendliness, eco-friendliness, logistical convenience, etc. Unlike conventional

Technical textiles and nonwoven sectors growing in Asia
Sanjay Gupta

Advances in polymers, fibers, yarns, chemical technology and fabric/web forming technologies especially in past two decades and the ever increasing applications for fibrous material in non-conventional sectors such as protective clothing, medical and health care products, automotive components, building material, geotextiles, agricultural products, sport and leisurewear, filter media...

The fiber year 2007/08: A world survey on textile and nonwovens industry

"The Fiber Year 2007/08" is the eighth issue to describe in detail developments in the world manmade fiber, spun yarn and nonwovens industry. Its target is to provide a comprehensive picture on the textile industry. Statistical information is instrumental in achieving an overall impression and inevitable to

Advantage and disadvantage - Growth of technical textiles in India
New Cloth Market

Apart from conventional use of textiles like clothing over the centuries, nontextile industries discovered utility of specially designed and engineered textile structures that could be used in their products, processes and services. Textiles inherently can posses immense versatility and are capable to shape into various functional products for varied uses - from usual packaging

Low maintenance garments - INDIA the right market
Amit Kumar Rastogi

Low maintenance garments are actually normal garments where some treatment has added few functional qualities. Nano Sealant are the new age sealants that impart these functional properties. Nano silica, silver, titanium are known materials that permanently sit onto the substrate in the form of alkoxides repelling microbes, moisture resulting in these finishes

India: Rising opportunities in nonwovens and technical textiles
Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar

Economy, in particular the losses of manufacturing jobs occupy the centre stage in the Presidential election campaigns in the US these days. This has been a dramatic shift from other issues that were considered priority six months back. Some economic pundits are predicting recession in 2008 in the United States. However, this situation is quite a contrast 10,000 miles away-India. India...

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