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Needle Punching Process - A Technological Review
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Needle Punching Process - A Technological Review

Written by: R.Senthil Kumar, S.Sundaresan & K.Gowri


Thebasic concept employed in making a nonwoven fabric is to transform fiber basedmaterials into two-dimensional sheet structures with fabric-like propertiessuch as flexibility, porosity, and mechanical integrity. The nonwovenmanufacturing process can be basically consist of web laying and web bonding.Among the web bonding methods needle punching is a very exciting and diversetrade involving technology for natural, synthetic fibres and their blends. Thispaper give a broad outlook about the needle punching process, parametersinfluencing the process, different needle structure, advances in technology andapplication of the needle punched product in various field.

BondingTechnology in the Nonwoven process

A fabric consisting of an assembly of textile fibres(oriented in one direction or in a random manner) held together (1) bymechanical interlocking; (2) by fusing of thermoplastic fibres, or (3) bybonding with a rubber, starch, glue, casein, latex, or a cellulose derivativeor synthetic resin. Mechanical bonding can be classified into hydroentanglement and needle punching process.

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The authors are associatedwith Dept. of Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

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