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It’s Alive! A New World of Living Textiles

In the world of fast fashion, items of clothing are not given very much respect. Most consumers have so much of it, that one single item simply isn’t assigned very much value. Without a high level of engagement in textiles, clothing waste becomes, for the most part, a painless act. Clothing is discarded when it is no longer in good condition

Needle Punching Process - A Technological Review
R.Senthil Kumar, S.Sundaresan & K.Gowri

The basic concept employed in making a nonwoven fabric is to transform fiber based materials into two-dimensional sheet structures with fabric-like properties such as flexibility, porosity, and mechanical integrity. The nonwoven manufacturing process can be basically consist of web laying and web bonding.

Technical Textiles Technologies: Current Scenario and Prospects Ahead

Present Market and Growth of Technical Textiles: According to a paper prepared by the Ministry of Textiles on technical textile industry, world market for technical Textiles products to around 23.77 million tonnes by 2010, worth $127 billion and among them India and China will be global demand growth driver for Asia

Directed self-assembly of polymers and nanotubes into air-suspended bridges
R. W. Cohn, R. S. Keynton, G. H. McKinley, G. N. Tew

Polymers dissolved in volatile solvents can be directed to self-assemble into suspended nanofiber bridges through surface tension driven capillary thinning. This points towards a single step approach to forming suspended 3D structures in a considerably more simple way than by standard microfabrication processes. Fibers form when the polymer liquid is brushed by hand over a corrugated...

Glucose interactive wear for type-II diabetics patients
Dr. Naresh Tondare

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India would have around 57 million diabetic patients by the year 2025. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Diabetics has received a great deal of attention in the novel drug delivery technologies

Snow tires: Chains out, textile in
Anthony Fontanelle

Driving on icy roads has been the bane of many motorists. To help them drive safely on icy or even frozen roads, the most common tool for the job is the snow chain. The metal chain bites into the frozen road to give a vehicle that extra traction

Flame retardant finishes
C.N. Sivaramakrishnan C.N. Sivaramakrishnan

The field of flame retardancy has witnessed a vigorous development of new technologies and new products and materials to meet the challenge of the needs of new industries-such as computer, electronics and telecommunication industries. Flame retardants are also used in health

Self cleaning textile - an overview
Tanveer Malik

Water and soil repellency has been one of the major targets for fiber and textile scientists and manufacturers for centuries. Combinations of new materials for fiber production with a variety of surface treatments have been developed to reach the condition of limited wettability

Textile photo chromic sensors for protective textile
Martina Vikova

Depletion of stratospheric ozone is expected to lead to an increase in the amount of UVB radiation present in sunlight. In addition to its well-known ability to cause skin cancer, UVB radiation has been shown to alter the immune system

Visual assessment UV radiation by colour changeable textile sensors
Martina Vikova

Sunburn, skin cancer, premature aging, and suppression of the immune system are some of the harmful effects of acute and cumulative exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR)

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