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Solar Textiles

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Asolar panel is a device that uses energy from the sun and converts it intoother forms of energy that humans consume for a variety of purposes. Solarpanels utilize solar cells. A famous type of solar panel, also known as thephotovoltaic panel, uses light energy from the sun and converts it intoelectricity. Another kind of solar panel is the solar thermal energy panel,which is a form of solar energy storage. And of course, one of the more popularand highly useful forms of solar panels is the solar hot water panel whichheats water with energy coming from the sun.

Siliconhas the property to create electricity if it is bonded with another elementthat will produce the positive charge needed. Naturally, silicon has fourelectrons. In order to generate electricity, silicon atoms must be paired withan element that can knock off the extra electrons and make room for a positivecharge. The photon coming from the sun ensures just that flow of electrons.

Andwhen, the sun's photons are absorbed by the silicon atoms, the atomiccomposition of the solar panel is arranged in such a way that electricity isgenerated. This energy is then passed on to install electrical wiring withinthe solar panel right down to the power-generating device connected.

Forinstance, the photovoltaic panel is made up of interconnected photovoltaic orsolar cells. Solar cells are devices made from silicon that has the property toconvert solar energy into other forms such as electricity and heat energy. Whenthese solar cells are packaged together either through wiring or fastenedinstallation, they become one solid panel. For protection, the panel may becovered with fiberglass, plastic, or even metal.

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