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Spray clothes on yourself Seamless garments with aerosol technology
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Spray clothes on yourself Seamless garments with aerosol technology

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

Would it possible to believe if someone would havetold that a liquid can be sprayed on the body which will later dry out tobecome fashion couture?

Technology has come up with wonders that were evenunimaginable before a few years. This is news for all those people who seek cuttingedge clothing, and do not like to keep rotating their clothes. A Spanishfashion designer and a Professor of Particle Technology have come up with aFabrican Spray on Fabric through which clothes can be created by merely sprayingit on the skin.

Seems incredible, yet true. Seamless fabrics can be sprayeddirectly into the body using aerosol technology.This magical spray createsnovel clothing that can also be washed and re-worn. An aerosol can or a spraygun is used in spraying the liquid. The spray is made from small fibres blendedwith polymers that join the fibres together. A solvent is also present in thespray that releases the fabric in liquid, and disappears as soon as the spraytouches the surface of the body. Fabric is formed by the cross linking of thefibres, creating a non woven clothing. The web of the cloth is thin, but desiredthickness can be brought in the garment by using multiple layers. As the fibresare created in a diffused form, other materials such as pigments or perfumescan also be added to it.


The spray can be used directly over the body using aerosols,or sprays, and gets dehydrated quickly, becoming a new fabric. The texture ofthe fabric can be altered by adding or changing the blend of the fibres thatare used in the spray. Fibres such as linen, acrylic, and wool can be used. Thetechnology is believed to find creative applications in the fashion industry.

This spray has other useful applications as well; such as medical dressings, bandages, hygiene wipes, air fresheners, upholstery fabrics for furniture, etc. It has potential applications in the medical field in way of applying dressings on burnt skin without exerting much pressure or for spraying medicines directly on an injury. The material is sterilized, and hence drugs can be added with it for healing wounds. In the automotive industry, the spray can be used where light, stain resistant, and durable fabrics are required. These fabrics enable creative shapes, various thickness, and biometric forms. The only discomfort of this fabric is that it is very cold when sprayed.

Creating clothing without stitching and weaving is now made possible. This non woven and sprayable futuristic fabric will be seamless, quick and comfortable. Thousands of fibres are created with one single squirt of the can. It will soon penetrate the market, and will be a commercially successful product.


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