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ThermoLogic Apparel

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Heat is required for the survival of any living being. Human body should be able to produce and retain heat depending on the ambient external temperature. When temperatures drop very low during winter it becomes a challenge to remain safe and warm. ThermoLogic Apparel is the latest advancement in heated clothing which enables the wearer to have control over the environment. It is designed to offer comfort to the wearer especially during cold weather conditions.

This process uses the INK-TEX technology that is built into the article of the clothing. Electronically conductive and carbon or silver based ink is applied on the lining of the garment. This ink is protected with a polyurethane lamination and kept in the oven in low temperature. Later energy is passed through the patterns, which makes the carbon in the ink to get hot; generating a soft and radiant heat. Each garment has a standard of three preset temperatures for the wearer to choose from, Low 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Medium 98.7 degrees, and High - 110 degrees. Hats socks and gloves include a battery charger, and pulse moderator to regulate the pulse flow. Jackets, vests and bibs have two battery chargers, two batteries, and two pulse moderators. Each battery is kept in a specially designed pocket thus making the user to remove the battery easily before washing. These batteries will maintain a constant temperature continuously up to six hours on the lowest setting and two hours on the highest setting. Taking an additional battery will allow the user to spend more time outside with comfort.

The garment includes a waterproof laminate coating, designed to keep users dry both inside and outside. They also have action panels and articulated sleeves to allow free body movement to the user, and watertight neoprene cuffs and waistbands to lock the body heat. The high band collar gives warmth to the user, while the two fleeces lined front pockets are good for storage. The jacket has two zipper pockets on the chest with an interior storm flap to seal the zipper. A full width zippered pouch is available on the backside of the jacket to accumulate things. It also has a tag loop with grommet holes to hold the hunting license.

The technology used in this is directly applied to the garment, thus making it durable, washable, and effective. They are available in a wide range seven unique clothing options such as gloves, hats, vests, bibs, socks, and hunting jackets of both hip and parka length. Manufactured in camouflage material, these types of garments are most suited to go hunting in the dense woods. Improvement and evolution of technology helps to protect oneself from cold, keep the body heat at a constant temperature and also prevent perspiration.


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