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Compression Garments

Human body needs to get enough oxygen. When a person does hard exercises, the body is unable to get adequate oxygen, causing lactic acid to be formed in the muscles and spread into the bloodstream. This hurts the muscles and makes a person to develop fatigue.

Reflective materials
Micah Holland

The Application of Reflective Materials in Apparel It has always been a rule to wear white during early morning walks or evening jogs to keep us visible to oncoming traffic. But technology now

Self- illuminated safety jackets
Dr. M. L. Gulrajani

Currently the world over, safety jackets being used are mainly reflective type of jackets that have a very high visibility when light falls on them. These are used by professional who are required to work in conditions of low visibility. These jackets however fail to deliver their functionality

2008 Beijing Olympics: sportswear market gets heated up

As the clock ticks down to the forthcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics, sportswear companies are spending millions of dollars and are working excess hours. While the overall apparel market is gearing up, the current year scheduled for Olympics is an important period for sports wear companies. Sportswear market is a highly branded area of the apparel segment

Global market for performance apparels

Clothing is a form of non-verbal communication. Clothing has a powerful communicating effect, and tells 'something' about the person wearing it, and creates an impression in the minds of others. Different types of clothes suit different surroundings. Environmental factors affect the choice of clothing. Clothes with antistatic and aesthetic properties are

Fitness apparels to monitor heart beats

The science of clothing has evolved drastically. Innovations in the field of textiles are now way ahead. A niche in the field of elite sports wear is apparels that have entered our lives and will monitor our heart beats and other vital signs. Apparels are manufactured with textile based electrodes to receive biophysiological signals from the user. Textronics Inc, has developed

ThermoLogic Apparel

Heat is required for the survival of any living being. Human body should be able to produce and retain heat depending on the ambient external temperature. When temperatures drop very low during winter it becomes a challenge to remain safe and warm. ThermoLogic Apparel is the latest advancement in heated clothing which enables the wearer to have control over the environment

Future of sportswear: Adidas, Reebok, Nike
New Cloth Market

As major sport brands are increasingly adding new functions to products, sportswear for kids and the fast - growing China market are expected to draw much of their attention. Two of the biggest brand stories over the past 12 months have been the impact of sportswear sales as a result of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany, and the US$3.8

Warm up jackets in the medical field
Josh Stone

The men and women who work together in any organizations are different from one another with respect to their work, designations, etc; the only thing common in them is their Uniform. They all follow a common dress code, which of course vary for men and women

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