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Applications of Nanotechnology in Textiles
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Applications of Nanotechnology in Textiles

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

Introductionto Nanotechnology

Textileplays a major role in our life since time immemorial. Various forms of textileare inevitable in our day to day life. Apart from protecting people fromweather and other climatic conditions, textiles have been used in various otherapplications. Generally cotton clothes have properties like softness, breathability and absorbency, but these properties are not enough for the nextgeneration use of the textile. On the other hand the synthetic fibers arestrong, crease resistance, dirt resistant and flame resistant but do not havenatural properties like softness and breath ability.

Butnow with the development of the nanotechnology, it is possible to developcloths or fabric having the property of both synthetic and natural fibers bytreating yarns or fabrics at nano-scale. In this article we will see varioussuch new developments in the field of textile.

What is Nano?

Nanometeris a billionth of a meter. The nanoscale devices are 100-10,000 times smallerthan human cells. The above picture shows the comparison of various things withnanometer.

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