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Upcoming Opportunities for the Hometech Textiles Industry in India

Though the textiles Industry fulfill the physiological needs of mankind, the Technical textile fulfills the high technical and quality requirements (mechanical, thermal, electrical, durability...) giving products the ability to offer technical functions.

TULACON : Continuous Dyeing of Home Textiles

Home Textiles is emerging as a major growth driver for the Indian Textile industry.The domestic Home Textiles market is estimated at 15,570 crore in 2009 and expected to reach about 40,800 crore by 2021 growing @ 8% CAGR.

Home Textile Products with Vetiveria Zizanioides

Vetiveria zizanioides, vetiver or khus-khus grass, is an indistinctive grass, but for the roots which have a characteristic fragrance, making it one of the most popular aromatic species.

Technology Innovation in Home Textile Industry - The Way of Resurgence

The centuries old Indian Home Textile Industry falls under the purview of the Textile Industry and this sector has remained in the nascent stage since the beginning to till mid 90's.

Effect of women employment on Home Textiles industry in South Asia

Gone are the times when it was meant to be only apparels and garments, when we uttered the term 'Textiles'. A huge volume of this sector is being filled up with home furnishing products, or in other words, home textiles.

Introduction to Soft Floor Coverings - Carpets &amp Rugs

This article gives a brief idea about Soft Floor coverings and its uses, what is a carpet and for what it is used for, and the types of rugs and its usage in the soft floor coverings. It also contains some information about various fibres' and yarns used in the carpets and rugs, Types of carpets and the methods of laying the carpets for floorings.

Indian Home Textiles-A Promising Future
Amit Ruparelia

The Horne Textile manufacturers with an eye for innovation have successfully explored the traditional textiles and shaped them into sophisticated end-products.These products not only suit the trendy market and attract the trendy generation but also have helped in reviving the dying traditional crafts.

Home Textiles - Recent Developments
Monty Alexander

The fashion industry has encompassed each and every product that can fill colors of newness and excitement to your life. Be it your special occasions where you wish to dress up tastefully or if it is your home interior in which you are craving for some revolutionary add-ons or improvements.

Opportunities in Technical Textiles
Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar

The fourth edition of 'Texcellence '09', a conference focused on textile and allied sector was hosted in Ahmedabad between November 13th -14th at the premises of the Ahmedabad Management Association

Application of Acrylic on Home Textiles
V. Parthasarathi

Bed covers are quite important commodities in our daily lives. After completion of heavy routine work we will go to bed by relaxing our pain.

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