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EPIBI Nursing Pads protects skin and promotes healing
Aug '10
Dr. Elly Hann, a former wound care team physician, observed that some breastfeeding women are vulnerable to moisture-related, traumatic nipple and breast problems and skin irritation due to inappropriate nursing pads. She developed the EPIBI Nursing Pads to help nursing mothers and their babies.

Dr. Hann says “After spending years taking care of wound care patients, I was driven to utilize technical fabrics that are skin-friendly to proactively prevent skin irritation. Many of the current products used in wound care and nursing pads hold moisture next to the skin, and although they may feel soft to the touch, fabrics such as cotton and wool actually irritate sensitive skin.

“The FDA-cleared, engineered layer in the EPIBI Nursing Pads, feels cool to the touch, abrasion free and has an antimicrobial treatment that will inhibit bacterial growth. The additional layers quickly move moisture away from the skin allowing the pads to dry quickly. Together, the system produces a clean and healthy environment that protects skin, and promotes healing. In addition, the pads are machine washable and reusable up to 200 times, making them better for the environment!”

Dr. Hann has been testing her product with nursing mothers through her relationships with Lactation Consultants and Pediatricians in Southern California and is now launching the nursing pads globally through hospitals and retailers that cater to nursing mothers. At the recent Conference of the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA), EPIBI was met with a warm reception for bringing new technology to aid those that spend their lives helping new mothers breastfeed successfully.

In addition to being skin-friendly, the EPIBI Nursing Pads have a low profile (35% lighter than a cotton pad) and are contoured to fit comfortably inside a nursing bra. The pads are 100% machine washable up to 200 washings and come with their own wash bag, making them better for the environment. Reusable pads will be 70% more economical than traditional disposable pads.

Persimmon Scientific was founded in January 2007 to integrate technology into skin-friendly engineered fabrics for health care. Primary uses for these products include pressure ulcer prevention and related fields, post-operative care and related fields, skin-friendly breathable products for women care, consumer markets, veterinary medicine and related fields, and skin-friendly breathable pads for neonates and babies. Our products are patent pending and our Antimicrobial Fabrics are FDA Cleared.

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