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Pic: Ohoskin
Italy’s Ohoskin partners with Recarbon to develop sustainable material

25th Jan 2024

Italian companies Ohoskin and Recarbon are collaborating to create a sustainable material for automotive, marine, and furniture industries. The material combines Ohoskin's leather alternative made from orange and cactus byproducts with Recarbon's recycled carbon fibre. The resulting product is expected to be high-resistance, lightweight, and...

Pic: Autoneum
Swiss firm Autoneum’s consolidated revenue climbs 27.6% in 2023

24th Jan 2024

Autoneum experienced a substantial 27.6 per cent increase in consolidated revenue in Swiss francs for 2023, attributed to the acquisition of Borgers Automotive and a favourable market environment. Consolidated revenue reached CHF 2,302.3 million, with organic growth at 7.2 per cent. Europe and North America also saw significant revenue rises.

Pic: Covestro
Germany’s Covestro launches Impranil CQ DLU

30th Nov 2023

German company Covestro has introduced Impranil CQ DLU, an aliphatic polyester carbonate polyether polyurethane (PU) dispersion for textile coating with around 34 per cent plant-based carbon content. This product expands the range of partially bio-based dispersions, offering the same properties as its petroleum-based counterpart, Impranil DLU.

Pic: Asahi Kasei/LinkedIn
Asahi Kasei invests in US startup NFW

26th Oct 2023

Asahi Kasei is investing in the US startup NFW, which produces non-petroleum-based leather alternatives for car interiors. This partnership, in collaboration with Sage, aims to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles by developing a fully circular and eco-friendly leather alternative. NFW's patented material, Mirum, is made from natural...

Pic: Autoliv
Sweden’s Autoliv unveils revolutionary passenger Bernoulli airbag

13th Jun 2023

Autoliv has unveiled a passenger airbag module based on Bernoulli's principle. The module efficiently inflates larger airbags, reducing development time and cost. By utilising pressure differences, Autoliv leverages surrounding air to inflate airbags in electric vehicles. The airbag generates less heat, is lighter and reduces customer development...

Magnus Jarlegren, the new Autoliv Europe president. Pic: LinkedIn/Magnus Jarlegren
Magnus Jarlegren is new Autoliv Europe president

30th May 2023

Magnus Jarlegren, presently the executive vice president of operations at Sweden’s Autoliv, Inc, will take over as the president of Autoliv Europe from June 1, 2023. He replaces Frithjof Oldorff, who is leaving for new opportunities. Jarlegren's operational excellence experience is expected to help navigate the firm in a challenging market.

Pic: Lear Corporation
US’ Lear completes acquisition of I.G. Bauerhin

1st May 2023

With the acquisition of I.G. Bauerhin (IGB), Lear Corporation will be able to expand its range of in-vehicle comfort technologies and enhance its thermal comfort systems portfolio. IGB's expertise in automotive seat heating, ventilation, active cooling, and other related technologies will be a valuable addition to Lear's existing capabilities.

Pic: Lear Corporation
US’ Lear Corporation's Q1 FY23 sales surge 12% YoY to $5.8 bn

28th Apr 2023

Lear Corporation has reported 12 per cent YoY increase in sales to $5.8 billion in Q1 FY23. Adjusted EPS increased 54 per cent YoY to $2.78, while net income was $144 million. For FY23, the company anticipates net sales ranging between $21.2 billion and $22.2billion, with an expected core operating earnings of $875 million to $1.075 billion.

Pic: Ahlstrom
Finland’s Ahlstrom launches sustainable filter solutions

28th Apr 2023

Ahlstrom Eco's use of lignin-based impregnation in their filter media could have a significant impact on automotive industry's sustainability efforts. Lignin is a polymer found in plants that is typically considered a waste in papermaking processes. It will replace a non-renewable and environmentally harmful material with a bio-based, renewable one.

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