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Automobile Textiles

Sweden’s Autoliv introduces airbags made with 100% recycled polyester
Sweden’s Autoliv introduces airbags made with 100% recycled polyester

20th Jun 2024

Autoliv has launched airbag cushions crafted entirely from recycled polyester, achieving a 50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional polyester models. Developed in collaboration with supply chain partners, these cushions uphold safety standards while supporting the company’s goal for net-zero emissions by 2040.

CUPRA debuts Bcomp’s natural fibre solutions for VZ electric vehicles
CUPRA debuts Bcomp’s natural fibre solutions for VZ electric vehicles

24th May 2024

CUPRA has introduced innovative natural fibre composite CUP Bucket seats for the CUPRA Born VZ electric vehicles, aiming to redefine sustainability in automotive design. Developed in collaboration with Bcomp and Sabelt, these seats offer significant emission reductions and improved safety, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly engineering.

Finland’s Ahlstrom introduces new dual-layer filtration technology
Finland’s Ahlstrom introduces new dual-layer filtration technology

18th Apr 2024

Ahlstrom has unveiled a groundbreaking dual-layer filter media technology globally, revolutionizing filtration efficiency. With double the dust holding capacity compared to single-layer designs, it optimises particle retention. Tested in automotive engine air intake, it extends filter lifetime by 50 per cent, while reducing size and weight.

Pic: Autoneum
Swiss firm Autoneum’s revenue soars 34.8% in FY23

15th Mar 2024

Autoneum reported a 34.8 per cent revenue growth in FY23, reaching CHF 2.3 billion ($2.59 billion). Adjusted EBIT more than doubled to CHF 99.2 million, with net profit increasing to CHF 61.1 million. While the company’s Europe and North America businesses saw significant revenue increases, Asia experienced a slight decline, and SAMEA showed strong ...

Pic: Autoneum
Autoneum expands presence in Asian growth markets China, India

13th Mar 2024

Autoneum expands production in Asia with new plants in Changchun, China, and Pune, India. The Changchun facility focuses on light and commercial vehicles, while the Pune plant extends Autoneum's footprint in India's auto manufacturing sector. These expansions reflect Autoneum's commitment to addressing market needs and enhancing its position in key ...

Pic: Ohoskin
Italy’s Ohoskin partners with Recarbon to develop sustainable material

25th Jan 2024

Italian companies Ohoskin and Recarbon are collaborating to create a sustainable material for automotive, marine, and furniture industries. The material combines Ohoskin's leather alternative made from orange and cactus byproducts with Recarbon's recycled carbon fibre. The resulting product is expected to be high-resistance, lightweight, and...

Pic: Autoneum
Swiss firm Autoneum’s consolidated revenue climbs 27.6% in 2023

24th Jan 2024

Autoneum experienced a substantial 27.6 per cent increase in consolidated revenue in Swiss francs for 2023, attributed to the acquisition of Borgers Automotive and a favourable market environment. Consolidated revenue reached CHF 2,302.3 million, with organic growth at 7.2 per cent. Europe and North America also saw significant revenue rises.

Pic: BIG Yarns
Belgium’s BIG Yarns produces PET BCF yarns for automotive carpet

18th Jan 2024

Belgian company BIG Yarns has introduced PET BCF yarns for high-end automotive interiors, complementing its existing polyamide PA6 superior yarns. The virgin polyester yarns offer eco-friendly design, being 100 per cent recyclable at End of Life (EOL). They meet automotive standards for abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and durability.

Pic: Covestro
Germany’s Covestro launches Impranil CQ DLU

30th Nov 2023

German company Covestro has introduced Impranil CQ DLU, an aliphatic polyester carbonate polyether polyurethane (PU) dispersion for textile coating with around 34 per cent plant-based carbon content. This product expands the range of partially bio-based dispersions, offering the same properties as its petroleum-based counterpart, Impranil DLU.

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