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Medical Textiles

Pic: Shutterstock
Medical use of technical textiles of interest to Thai Acrylic Fibre

30th Jul 2021

Use of technical textiles in medical and healthcare is an area of interest for Aditya Birla Group's Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF), especially for its anti-microbial products. To cater to customers worldwide, the company is working on setting up a global value chain through collaborations with regional players, as per ABG’s textiles business head Thomas...

Pic: Myant
Myant gets Health Canada clearance for biosensing Skiin underwear

22nd Jul 2021

Myant, Canadian leader in textile computing, has secured Health Canada clearance for its biosensing Skiin underwear. The Class II medical device clearance allows garment wearers to reliably monitor their ECG data. Additionally, wearers can track other metrics, including heart rate, HRV, core body temperature, with more to come such as sleep and...

Pic: Chronolife/Twitter
France's Chronolife, Japan’s Chugai to make smart textile for joints

7th Jul 2021

Chronolife, MedTech and service operator for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic diseases, and Chugai Pharma France, have joined hands to develop a smart textile that will assess and monitor the long-term joint health of patients. The smart textile will help in “real-life” monitoring of the impact of chronic pathologies on patients' articular...

Pic: Felice Frankel and MIT News Office
MIT, Harvard team develops face mask to detect Covid-19 infection

5th Jul 2021

Scientists at MIT and Harvard University have developed a face mask that can detect Covid-19 infection in wearers within about 90 minutes. The masks are embedded with tiny, disposable sensors that can be modified to detect other viruses. These sensors can also be incorporated in clothing such as lab coats, detecting health care workers’ exposure to...

Pic: Santex
Italian incontinent product leader Santex buys US’ Parentgiving

1st Jul 2021

Santex, a leader in premier incontinence products and surgical dressing and orthopedic products, has taken over Parentgiving, the US’ premier retailer of caregiving products for the aging. The purchase of Parentgiving enables Santex to bring its world-class incontinence and personal care products into the US market. The agreement was finalised in June...

Pic: North Carolina State University
NC State University team explores inkjet printing to make e textiles

28th Jun 2021

Scientists at North Carolina State University have been able to print layers of electrically conductive ink on polyester fabric to make an e-textile that could be used to make wearable devices in future. Since the process can be done at room temperature in normal atmospheric conditions, inkjet printing may offer a simpler way of making electronic...

Pic: Sabic
Fraunhofer, Sabic, Procter & Gamble show circularity in face masks

25th Jun 2021

Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT), Sabic and Procter & Gamble have worked together in a circular economy pilot project, to demonstrate the feasibility of closing the loop on facemasks to help reduce plastic waste. Under the project, scientists have been able to convert used face masks into nonwoven fibre...

Pic: Henkel
Germany’s Henkel, Swiss company to develop smart adult care products

26th May 2021

Henkel has joined hands with medical technology company Smartz to work on smart adult care solutions. The two have signed a joint marketing and development agreement. The partnership unites their expertise - conductive inks from Henkel´s printed electronics portfolio and Smartz’ existing adult care Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software...

Pic: Myant
Ontario helping Myant commercialise technology that detects diseases

14th May 2021

The Ontario government is helping Myant to commercialise “connected wearables”, a technology that can sense, monitor and help detect symptoms that may signal the onset of diseases, including those associated with COVID-19. The government is investing over $1.5 million to help the company conduct a broad, community-based deployment of the product.

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