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Medical Textiles

Courtesy: Emerald Textiles
Encore Textile takes over Emerald Textiles

9th Aug 2018

Encore Textile Services, a portfolio company of Los Angeles-based private investment firm Highland Avenue Capital Partners, has taken over Emerald Textiles, a San Diego-based healthcare linen service provider. This brings together two largest independent healthcare laundry providers in California - the combined entity having five locations on the West...

Courtesy: PR Newswire
Palarum PUP smart sock impresses French minister

8th Aug 2018

Palarum PUP smart patient sock technology was at the centre during visit of Bruno Le Maire, France's minister of Economy and Finance, to Texisense, the French company that made fabric pressure sensors and leads for the sock. It has patented technologies woven into conductive fabric, enabling real-time monitoring to prevent falls and enhance physical...

Courtesy: University of Southampton
Southampton Univ working on e-textile against arthritis

21st Jul 2018

Scientists at the University of Southampton are developing new e-textile technologies to mitigate the pain for people with arthritis. Dr. Kai Yang, a principal research fellow in the Smart Electronic Materials and Systems (SEMS) research group, has been awarded a £600,000 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) fellowship for this...

Courtesy: NASA
Essity gets NASA contract to design OIG

17th Jul 2018

Essity has got a contract by NASA to design the next-generation JOBST compression orthostatic intolerance garment (OIG) for potential use on future Orion human deep-space missions. Post-spaceflight orthostatic intolerance means experiencing rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, or lightheadedness while standing upright or feeling faint upon return to...

Courtesy: 3m
3M unveils new adhesive for medical devices

21st Jun 2018

3M has unveiled another advanced adhesive for medical devices in the form of 3M Single Coated Medical Extended Wear Adhesive Nonwoven Tape on Liner (3M 4077), a pressure sensitive adhesive that offers omni-directional stretch for superior conformability and breathability. The thin, water-resistant tape offers excellent initial skin adhesion.

Courtesy: PR Newswire
Kappler develops suit to protect against Ebola

22nd May 2018

Protective apparel innovator Kappler has developed an economical suit to protect healthcare responders against the deadly Ebola virus and other biohazards. The NFPA certified suit, ProVent Plus, with use-and-dispose distinction provides emergency responders and healthcare workers faced with Ebola-infected body fluids and other biohazards proven...

Courtesy: Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute’s robot puts gowns on people’s arms

21st May 2018

A robot at the Georgia Institute of Technology has learned to put hospital gowns on people’s arms. The machine doesn’t use eyes. It relies on the forces it feels as it guides the garment onto a person’s hand, around the elbow and onto the shoulder. The work is part of a larger effort on robot-assisted dressing funded by the National Science Foundation...

Chinese scientists build silk devices for skull surgery use
Chinese scientists build silk devices for skull surgery use

1st May 2018

Researchers at a Shanghai laboratory have transformed silk into screws to stabilize skull bones during brain surgery. They extracted silk proteins from the cocoons of the Bombyx mori silkworm and converted those into fixing devices like screws and linking stripes. After animal trials, the devices’ properties like strength and toughness have been...

Siren unveils new diabetic sock and foot monitoring system
Siren unveils new diabetic sock and foot monitoring system

4th Apr 2018

Siren, a San Francisco-based health technology company, has launched its first Neurofabric –powered product, the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System. Neurofabric is the first-ever textile developed by Siren, with micro-sensors embedded directly into the fabric, making its sensors completely seamless and virtually invisible to the user.

Courtesy: Velox
Velox to distribute Solvay’s Ixef PARA for medical uses

3rd Apr 2018

Velox GmbH, a leading provider of raw material specialities, has announced a new partnership with Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, to distribute the healthcare grades of Ixef PARA, a special polyarylamide containing 50 per cent glass fibres and best-suited for the development of medical devices as single-use surgical tools.

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