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Medical Textiles

Pic: Steril Saglik Urunleri
Turkish company develops lightweight protective suit

7th Aug 2020

Steril Saglik Urunleri, a Turkey-based personal protection equipment manufacturer, has developed a lightweight protective suit, made up of breathable material that guarantees comfort and safety. The new suit is now available to be delivered to any part of the world. In the tests, the COV-SARS 2 virus on the laminated fabric surface was killed in 10...

Pic: Duvaltex
Duvaltex launches full range of medical textiles

5th Aug 2020

Duvaltex is ramping up production to offer full range of Level 1 & Level 2 gowns and antimicrobial scrub textiles to front-line healthcare workers and patients in US. Made from durable, breathable and soft touch engineered fabrics, its textiles meet stringent quality specifications to provide protection against microorganisms, body fluids, particulate...

Japanese team makes performing EGD safer amidst covid

1st Aug 2020

Scientists at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and the Japan Community Health Care Organisation's Sendai Hospital have created a simple, disposable, and inexpensive device to enhance protection for healthcare workers performing esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGD). The device provides additional barrier to doctors performing the...

Pic: Shutterstock
Kleinert's launches new technical textile facial mask

1st Aug 2020

Kleinert’s, a division of Hygienics Industries, has announced its new Fabrapel technical textile facial mask with two-way, two-layer protection. The patented multi-layered cotton masks provide fluid-repellency, stain-repellency, and stop bacterial growth with ultralight comfort and breathability. No other mask provides more security from the Covid-19...

Pic: Milliken
Milliken scales up advanced medical fabrics production

30th Jul 2020

Milliken & Company, a global diversified manufacturer with more than 150 years of textile expertise, has scaled up domestic production of its Milliken Perimeter advanced medical fabrics. The move is aimed at ensuring a sustainable, US-based PPE supply chain. Garments made with Perimeter fabric can be laundered for safe reuse at least 25 times.

Pic: Bicma
Bicma expands product portfolio in 25th year

27th Jul 2020

Bicma Hygiene Technologie, which has been part of the W+D Group since 2018, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by expanding its product portfolio twice over. It has developed a new Volcano Kid pants machine for baby pull-up pants, and to meet the Corona crisis and lack of face masks, it designed a new high-speed machine for producing high volumes of...

Pic: Business Wire
Ascend's Acteev in masks works against Covid 19

17th Jul 2020

Ascend Performance Materials has used Acteev technology in surgical masks which have shown to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 and offer Level III filtration properties. The company has submitted a premarket notification to the US Food and Drug Administration for clearance to market the product. The masks achieve antiviral effectiveness through active...

Pic: Haydale
Haydale working with IRPC on graphene coated fabric

8th Jul 2020

Haydale, the advanced materials group, is working with IRPC Public Company (IRPC) to further develop functionalised graphene coated fabric, that Haydale has produced, for medical and related applications. The fabric has been shown to have antibacterial properties and under the deal signed between the two, it will be further tested for antiviral...

Pic: Shutterstock
Healthcare wearables may help in fighting Covid-19

6th Jul 2020

Healthcare wearables which monitor physiological parameters such as heart rate, body temperature, sleeping patterns, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels may help in fighting Covid-19 by giving early warning signals. However, regulatory and safety requirements need to be met before it happens, says GlobalData, a data and analytics company.

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