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Medical Textiles

Pic: Medtecs
Taiwan’s Medtecs displays new PPE lines at INDEX20 expo

19th Oct 2021

Medtecs, the leading provider of PPE and hospital services from Taiwan, is displaying its three main PPE lines to prevent health-care associated infections (HAIs), at INDEX20, in booth Medtecs, 1225. The leading nonwovens exhibition, organised by European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) in Geneva is a three-day event that starts today.

Pic: AIP Publishing
University of Utah, South Korean university develop low cost sensor

13th Oct 2021

Scientists from the University of Utah and Gyeongsang National University in South Korea have developed a bioelectrical sensor which is convenient to use and is also low-cost. The biosensor is integrated onto a piece of clothing. This brings advantages beyond convenience and comfort. Soft clothing means better contact with the skin and a better signal.

Pic: Merrow Manufacturing/Precision Fabrics Group
Merrow Manufacturing & Precision Fabrics Group make reusable PPE in US

2nd Oct 2021

US’ Merrow Manufacturing and Precision Fabrics Group (PFG) have mobilised their resources to alleviate shortages, sub-standard design, highly variable quality and increased prices of PPE by domestically producing reusable Level 1 and 2 isolation gowns. The gown was created in collaboration with infection prevention nurses and medical product engineers.

Pic: McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
Washington University team uses microbes to make synthetic muscles

1st Oct 2021

Scientists at Washington University in St Louis have used microbes to make synthetic muscles. They used a synthetic chemistry approach to polymerise proteins inside engineered microbes. This enabled the microbes to produce the high molecular weight muscle protein, titin - one of the three major proteins of muscle tissue - which was then spun into...

Pic: Encompass Group
Encompass to supply healthcare apparel uniforms to US’ Vizient members

29th Sep 2021

Encompass, a leading developer of reusable textiles, professional apparel, and disposable medical products, has been awarded a contract with US-based Vizient to supply healthcare apparel uniforms. Vizient members will have access to a full line of safe and comfortable Encompass Healthcare Apparel including, Jockey and Fundamentals scrubs and Meta Lab...

Pic: Rice University
Rice University team makes smart shirt to monitor heart

24th Sep 2021

Scientists at Rice University have made regular apparel conductive by using nanotube thread. They have sewed nanotube fibres into athletic wear which can be used to monitor heart rate and take a continual electrocardiogram (EKG) of the wearer. The fibres are as conductive as metal wires. These are washable, comfortable and less likely to break in...

Pic: Interweave Textiles
British healthcare textiles supplier Interweave acquires Orvecare

21st Sep 2021

Interweave Textiles, a healthcare textiles supplier, has announced the acquisition of healthcare and emergency services supply manufacturer, Orvecare. Using the knowledge of over 40 years’ manufacturing experience and with the aid of qualified clinicians, Orvecare has designed a range of cost-effective products to aid with patient and clinician safety.

Pic: Andrew Davis Tucker/University of Georgia
Georgia University produces material ideal for medical products

6th Aug 2021

Scientists at the University of Georgia have produced a new composite material with properties ideal for medical products such as masks and bandages. The material, produced using nonwovens and cotton, is stretchable, breathable and absorbent. It is comfortable on skin and easier to compost, therefore, better for the environment than the materials in...

Pic: Shutterstock
Medical use of technical textiles of interest to Thai Acrylic Fibre

30th Jul 2021

Use of technical textiles in medical and healthcare is an area of interest for Aditya Birla Group's Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF), especially for its anti-microbial products. To cater to customers worldwide, the company is working on setting up a global value chain through collaborations with regional players, as per ABG’s textiles business head Thomas...

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