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Industrial Textiles

Pic: GE Additive
TUM, Oerlikon, create additive manufacturing cluster

16th Oct 2019

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde have joined hands to create an additive manufacturing cluster, a grouping of companies and organisations to conduct research on additive manufacturing technology, in Bavaria. This will help integrate AM into the manufacturing process and enable companies to use the technology.

Pic: Arville
Arville fabrics add strength to rubber products

30th Sep 2019

Fabrics produced by Arville, a technical textiles specialist, are now used in diverse range of high-performance tyres, seals, diaphragms, gaskets, sheeting and flexible fuel tanks, which need an unseen textile matrix imbedded within the rubber. Arville fabrics provide strength to textile reinforced rubber products used in several industries across the...

Pic: NanoTextile
NanoTextiles sees expanding market for nano textiles

19th Sep 2019

Increasing penetration in apparel, fashion, separation, catalysis, biomedical, energy and automotive, and more utilisation in the fabrication of products like membranes, photocatalysts and tissue engineering scaffolds will contribute to the market expansion of nano textiles, according to Thomas Ong P S, chief executive officer of Malaysian firm...

Pic: Saertex
TK Industries taken over by Saertex

17th Sep 2019

Bavarian company TK Industries has been taken over by Saertex. This increases Saertex's range of heavy-tow carbon fibre multiaxial fabrics. TK Industries is a specialised, medium-sized fabric manufacturer based in Selbitz, in Germany. At its production site, the company only processes carbon fibres with the latest multiaxial production technology.

Pic: Miller Weldmaster
Miller Weldmaster makes tapes for welding acrylic material

30th Aug 2019

Miller Weldmaster has announced the launch of the fabric bond tape and fabric bond FR tape used to weld acrylic material for awnings, marine products, and more. Miller Weldmaster is a global provider of industrial fabric welding systems. The company was founded by Al Miller to efficiently and profitably provide manufacturing and service solutions.

Pic: Arville
Arville with wide customer base to expand further

23rd Aug 2019

Since its founding in 1954, Arville now provides specialist textiles for an increasingly broad range of applications. The company which originally weaved fabric for public transport uniforms, has a customer base in more than 50 countries supplying to varied sectors such as defence, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, medical, automotive and filtration.

Pic: Miller Weldmaster Corp
Miller Weldmaster makes Brent Nussbaum new president

2nd Jul 2019

Miller Weldmaster, a leader for industrial textile welding systems, has named Brent Nussbaum the president. Nussbaum succeeds Scott Miller. Nussbaum has been with the company for over 21 years, beginning as a student in a co-op programme. He has worked in many areas of the organisation, including manufacturing, field service, engineering and sales.

Outlook Conference 2019 attracts 111 textile manufacturers

5th Jun 2019

This year’s Outlook Conference, sponsored by Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), was held recently at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Ga, US. The conference attracted 111 textile manufacturer leaders, who gathered for education and updates on government relations, economics and sustainability.

Pic: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT team finds spider silk’s use in artificial muscles

15th Mar 2019

MIT scientists along with others have found that spider silk, already known as one of the strongest materials for its weight, has another unusual property that might lead to production of new kinds of artificial muscles or robotic actuators. The fibres respond strongly to changes in humidity and above a certain level, they suddenly contract and twist.

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