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Clothing Textiles

Pic: Karl Mayer
Karl Mayer presents Smart Shirt at IDTechEx Show

28th Nov 2019

As an expert partner for manufacturing of e-textiles, Karl Mayer exhibited at IDTechEx Show! 2019 and gave a presentation on its field of expertise. At the latest edition of IDTechEx which was held on November 20-21 in Santa Clara, US, the manufacturer of textile machines turned up with a smart shirt for measuring vital bodily functions in its suitcase.

Pic: Gore
Gore, Checkerspot to produce high performance coatings

25th Nov 2019

W L Gore has joined hands with Checkerspot, bringing together Checkerspot's expertise in bio-based polymers and biotechnology with its experience in high performance apparel. Together, the two will explore innovative performance materials development with the goal of delivering high performance textile coatings with improved environmental profiles.

Pic: Eurojersey
Eurojersey teams up with Estethia GB for Travel Wooling

6th Nov 2019

Eurojersey, a technical jersey fabrics leader with its line of Sensitive Fabrics and Estethia GB Conte, a company into wool fabrics, have combined technical and high performing characteristics to create a functional and contemporary look. In the new project called Travel Wooling, Sensitive Fabrics are bonded with Wool+ to create outfits for urban...

Pic: First Graphene
First Graphene completes trial of graphene enhanced boots

23rd Sep 2019

First Graphene has completed successful prototype trials with Steel Blue for development of graphene-enhanced safety boots used across industrial sectors. In the boots, graphene was incorporated into a thermoplastic polyurethane masterbatch that offered advantages like greater wear and chemical resistance, better thermal heat transfer & reduced...

Pic: Brown University
Brown University uses graphene to stop mosquitoes

31st Aug 2019

Scientists in Brown University have shown that graphene sheets may be useful in preventing mosquito bites. They showed that graphene can block the signals mosquitoes use to identify a blood meal, potentially enabling a new chemical-free approach to mosquito bite prevention. Graphene also acts as a barrier that mosquitoes are unable to bite through.

Pic: Oeko-Tex
Covestro's TPU films get certification by Oeko-Tex

29th Aug 2019

Covestro's Platilon thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films have been certified with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which indicates their high level of product safety. They are breathable, waterproof, tear-resistant and skin-friendly which makes them the material of choice for sports articles and outdoor clothing, and also for furniture and seat covers for...

Pic: Teijin Frontier
Teijin Frontier develops silk-like polyester fabric

30th Jul 2019

Teijin Frontier, Teijin group’s fibres and products converting company, has developed a polyester fabric that looks and feels like fine silk. Teijin Frontier which envisions various applications for its silk-like material such as blouses and outers from thin to medium thicknesses, is targeting annual sales of 150,000 metres by fiscal year ending March...

Pic: Poney
Poney ventures into nanotechnology with Nanotextile

17th Jul 2019

Poney Garments Sdn Bhd (Poney), a leading retailer and brand marketer specialising in creating and delivering apparel for children, has ventured into nanotechnology and technical textile by partnering with Nanotextile Sdn Bhd (Nanotextile). This all Malaysian partnership is a step ahead in commercialisation of nanotechnology in Malaysia’s textile...

Pic: Thermore
Thermore presents revolutionary Ecodown Fibers Marble

6th Jul 2019

Thermore has come up with Ecodown Fibers Marble – a revolutionary insulated fibre which gives every garment made out it a different look. The new fibre utilises the most advanced free fibre technology on the market. The Ecodown Fibers are very lofty with a high fill power, durable, recycled and white and opens a new creative dimension to thermal...

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