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Clothing Textiles

Pic: PR Newswire/Seismic
Seismic placed in Most Innovative Companies list

1st Mar 2019

Seismic, an apparel company whose signature line of Powered Clothing features discreet robotic muscles, has been included in the Fast Company's prestigious World's Most Innovative Companies for 2019. The list spotlights "businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture." Seismic got the eighth place in the global robotics...

Courtesy: Under Armour
Virgin Galactic, Under Armour collaborating

4th Feb 2019

Virgin Galactic and Under Armour are collaborating to create a new generation of space apparel and footwear, as well as an astronaut performance training programme. Over the 50-plus years since space travel began, only 568 people have ever been to space. The game is changing as visionaries come together to make space accessible to the Earth-bound...

Courtesy: Kickstarrer
Supield attains $100,000 mark on Kickstarter

19th Jan 2019

Supield, creator of the thin and warm jacket line, S Kistler, has attained the figure of $100,000 on Kickstarter. The Supield team has decided to add a new aerogel insulated jacket and aerogel insulated gloves for backers to its existing offering - both made by the material inspired by the NASA spacesuits. Supield is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

API, ICM collaborate in sustainable technical fabrics
API, ICM collaborate in sustainable technical fabrics

16th Jun 2018

API, an Italian company specialised in the production of thermoplastic elastomeric compounds and bioplastics, which was acquired by global materials company Trinseo in July 2017, and ICM (Industria Chimica Mediterranea), a key player in the footwear and leather goods industry, have joined hands to facilitate innovative and sustainable technical fabrics.

RadiciGroup & POLIMI hold sportswear workshop for students
RadiciGroup & POLIMI hold sportswear workshop for students

8th Feb 2018

RadiciGroup, a leading producer of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, engineering plastics, synthetic fibres, and nonwovens, collaborated with the scientific-technological university Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), and conducted a sportswear design workshop for the students enrolled in the Design for the Fashion System Master’s programme.

Kansai Univ, Teijin develop piezoelectric wearable sensors
Kansai Univ, Teijin develop piezoelectric wearable sensors

17th Jan 2018

Professor Yoshiro Tajitsu of Kansai University’s faculty of engineering science and Teijin Frontier Co Ltd, the Teijin Group’s fibre-product converting company, have jointly developed e-stitch, a series of fashionable piezoelectric wearable sensors with stitch designs that measure body motions like extension, contraction, bending and twisting.

Courtesy: FSU.EDU
FSU scientists develop affordable motion sensors

24th Nov 2017

Scientists from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering have developed breakthrough motion sensors, heralding future ubiquitous, fully integrated and affordable wearable technology. These motion sensors could be integrated into bedsheets to monitor quality of sleep, shoes to track step count and posture or workout clothes to measure intensity of exercise.

Drexel setting up Pennsylvania Fabric Discovery Centre
Drexel setting up Pennsylvania Fabric Discovery Centre

21st Nov 2017

Drexel University, in partnership with Department of Defence-supported Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), is setting up a statewide centre that will help companies, entrepreneurs and innovators take their advanced-textile concepts from prototype to product and prepare America’s workforce for the quality jobs the sector is generating.

Courtesy: Directa Plus
Directa Plus’ Graphene Plus textiles are non-irritating

20th Nov 2017

Graphene Plus (G+) membrane and G+ printed fabrics of Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, have got international certification from Complife Italia (formerly Farcoderm) (Complife), the independent toxicity testing organisation, confirming they do not cause any irritation to human...

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