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Pic: Andritz
Austrian company Andritz’s revenue rises to €8.7 bn in 2023

1st Mar 2024

Andritz, an international technology group, has reported a 15 per cent increase in revenue to €8.7 billion in fiscal 2023. Net income rose by 25.3 per cent to €504.3 million. Operating result (EBITA) reached €741.9 million, with a record level. Order intake slightly declined overall but was offset by growth in hydro, metals, and separation sectors.

Pic: Andritz
Austria’s Andritz, Softys Peru partner for Yankee hood heating system

1st Feb 2024

Andritz collaborated with Softys Peru to introduce an innovative hybrid Yankee hood heating system, a groundbreaking industry-first. It offers a flexible blend of electric and natural gas heating, allowing Softys to choose based on emissions reduction and energy cost optimisation. Successful installation at Softys's Lima mill reflects a joint R&D...

Pic: Andritz
Hengan initiates operations of 2 Andritz tissue machines in China

30th Jan 2024

Guangdong Hengan Paper Co Ltd has commenced operations of two new Andritz PrimeLine tissue machines at its mill in China. With a design speed of 1,700 m/min and a working width of 3.65 m, the PrimeLineCompact M 1600 machines produce high-quality tissue for various applications. Hengan, in collaboration with Andritz, now operates 15 Andritz tissue...

Pic: Andritz
Andritz unveils new textile recycling line in Italy

8th Dec 2023

Andritz has inaugurated a textile recycling line at Sfilacciatura Negro's plant in Biella, Italy. The line, designed for processing post-consumer textile waste with automatic removal of hard parts, supports Sfilacciatura Negro's expansion into new recycling segments. It collaborated with Andritz to venture into post-consumer clothing waste...

Pic: Andritz
France unveils first automated textile waste recycling line

4th Dec 2023

France's first automated textile waste sorting and recycling plant, inaugurated at Nouvelles Fibres Textiles, is a collaboration between recycling company Nouvelles Fibres Textiles, waste sorting specialist Pellenc ST, and Andritz. The plant, addressing the EU's sustainable textile goals, automatically sorts garments by composition and colour.

US’ Elsner introduces ENR-G3-48 rewinding machine

27th Nov 2023

Elsner’s latest innovation, the ENR-G3-48 rewinding machine, revolutionises canister wipe production with a 48-inch substrate capacity and a remarkable 14 per cent rise in output compared to the previous model. Operating at speeds up to 800 feet per minute, it delivers 128 rolls per minute of 75-sheet count canister wipes, meeting high demand...

(L) Gianni Boscolo, CEO of Albis, & Fabien Ravier, managing director of Andritz Asselin-Thibeau. Pic: Andritz
Andritz starts up carding machine for Italian nonwovens producer

26th Sep 2023

Andritz has delivered and started up a new carding machine and opening/blending line for Albis in Italy. This investment enables Albis to meet new demands and produce innovative nonwoven products for hygiene and medical applications. The machine has a large working width of 5.10 mtr, allowing tailored nonwoven fabric production while maintaining...

Pic: KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH
Germany’s KMF improves KMD Mini type benchtop equipment

5th Sep 2023

KMD has garnered attention for its benchtop Minitype Spunmelt nonwoven equipment. Following discussions and enhancements, KMD has introduced an integrated model configuration, optimising the Mini design of Spunmelt nonwoven and fibre spinning equipment. This equipment offers convenience for experimental exploration and preliminary testing of new...

Pic: Andritz
Turkey’s Lotus Teknik Tekstil invests in Andritz’s Metris platform

1st Sep 2023

Andritz will install its Metris All-In-One digitalisation platform for Lotus Teknik Tekstil's new Wetlace CP nonwovens production line. The integration, to be completed by September, aims to optimise efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Metris combines AI-driven production management, simulation, cybersecurity, condition monitoring to...

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