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AMRC gets 3D weaving creel from Cygnet Texkimp

22nd Jan 2020

The Composites Centre at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has got a 3,000-position 3D weaving creel from the custom machinery manufacturer and fibre processing specialist Cygnet Texkimp. The creel will be used alongside AMRC's 3D jacquard loom to produce woven structures for automotive and aerospace...

Pic: Valmet
Valmet to supply tissue production line to Alas Doradas

10th Jan 2020

Valmet is set to supply an advantage DCT100HS tissue production line, including a de-inking plant and an extensive automation package, to Alas Doradas in El Salvador. The order also includes a Valmet performance centre agreement to support efficient production with Industrial Internet. Valmet is a leading company in the pulp, paper, and energy...

Pic: Valmet
Valmet to supply Advantage ThruAir machine to Irving

21st Dec 2019

Valmet is to supply an Advantage ThruAir machine to Irving Consumer Products. This is a repeat order of the machine that was started up in 2019. The machine is planned to start-up in 2022 and will help Irving provide ultra-premium products to the North American market. Delivery will comprise a complete tissue production line with stock preparation...

Pic: PR Web
BriskHeat unveils new wet-area cloth heating jackets

19th Dec 2019

BriskHeat, a provider of flexible heating, insulating, and temperature controlling solutions, has unveiled its new line of wet-area cloth heating jackets. Designed for use outdoors, indoors or in washdown locations, the heating jackets feature water-resistant designs and built-in insulation to maximise efficiency. All versions of the jackets are...

Pic: Dieffenbacher
Dieffenbacher well positioned for future

9th Dec 2019

Machine and plant manufacturer Dieffenbacher feels 2020 will be a difficult year for the automotive sector. However, its diversification into areas such as aerospace, sports and leisure, has well-positioned it for the future. Outside the automotive sector, demand is high for tape laying systems for thermoplastic, unidirectionally reinforced materials.

Pic: Mikrosam
GKN Fokker to get equipment for aircraft from Mikrosam

5th Dec 2019

GKN Fokker will get advanced equipment for development of aircraft parts with thermoplastic composites (TPC) from Mikrosam. This includes its latest Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) machine, slitting equipment for thermoplastic prepregs and a custom-engineered thermoplastic consolidating machine. Thermoplastics are the next generation of composite...

Pic: Markforged
Wärtsilä develops 3D printed composite lifting tool

2nd Dec 2019

Wärtsilä, a leading technology group servicing the marine and energy markets, has developed a 3D printed composite lifting tool for its engines using Markforged additive manufacturing technology. Use of this technology eliminates shipment time and reduces warehousing requirements. The tool is also significantly lighter and considerably more compact.

Pic: Thermwood
Thermwood unveils all new LSAM

27th Nov 2019

Thermwood has unveiled an all new LSAM additive manufacturing machine model, providing even more choices for large scale additive manufacturing applications. Called LSAM MT, the new machine offers an all new configuration and significant advantages in certain applications. The machine was introduced at Thermwood’s 50th Anniversary Gala Open House.

Pic: Bindatex
Bindatex doubles capacity with new composite slitting line

14th Nov 2019

Bindatex, known for precision cutting of difficult to cut materials, has doubled its capacity by investing in a new composite slitting line. The new line has increased composites slitting capacity to 30 tonnes per year. The line can cut UD, prepreg, and composite materials to widths of just 3.175mm. The investment has also generated five new jobs.

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