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(L) Gianni Boscolo, CEO of Albis, & Fabien Ravier, managing director of Andritz Asselin-Thibeau. Pic: Andritz
Andritz starts up carding machine for Italian nonwovens producer

26th Sep 2023

Andritz has delivered and started up a new carding machine and opening/blending line for Albis in Italy. This investment enables Albis to meet new demands and produce innovative nonwoven products for hygiene and medical applications. The machine has a large working width of 5.10 mtr, allowing tailored nonwoven fabric production while maintaining...

Pic: KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH
Germany’s KMF improves KMD Mini type benchtop equipment

5th Sep 2023

KMD has garnered attention for its benchtop Minitype Spunmelt nonwoven equipment. Following discussions and enhancements, KMD has introduced an integrated model configuration, optimising the Mini design of Spunmelt nonwoven and fibre spinning equipment. This equipment offers convenience for experimental exploration and preliminary testing of new...

Pic: SDL Atlas
US’ SDL Atlas releases advanced AirPerm Air Permeability Tester

11th Aug 2023

SDL Atlas has launched an upgraded AirPerm Air Permeability Tester, featuring specific test heads for Personal Protection Equipment assessment, including Face Mask Testing and Foam Testing. With a global presence and expertise, SDL Atlas ensures reliable and affordable air permeability testing adhering to international standards for textiles,...

Pic: Andritz
Austria’s Andritz introduces new pilot line for eco-friendly nonwovens

14th Jun 2023

International firm Andritz has installed a new spunlace pilot line at its competence centre in Montbonnot, France. It allows trials for creating nonwovens from recycled or natural fibres like hemp, flax, and cotton. The line features optimised web forming, entanglement, an innovative card set-up, and the integrated Andritz Metris digitalisation...

Pic: Andritz
Andritz converting line for baby diapers begins operation in France

19th May 2023

Andritz has accomplished the delivery, installation, and commissioning of a converting line for the production of baby diapers at Naturopera's new facility in Bully Les Mines, France. The converting line, called eXcelle, is provided by Andritz Diatec and incorporates advanced technology to manufacture both conventional and bio-based baby diapers.

Richpeace automatic face mask production line. Pic: Richpeace/Surplex
Surplex offering 4 mask production lines in Netherlands for auction

16th May 2023

Despite a forecasted annual sales decline of 27 per cent, the mask market is expected to reach $2.13 billion with 7.76 billion masks produced by 2027. Surplex is auctioning four Richpeace medical mask production lines until May 22, 2023, located in the Netherlands. The production lines for auction have a capacity of 2.4 million masks per week.

Pic: Andritz
Austria’s Andritz successfully starts up new needleloom at Foss Floors

5th May 2023

Andritz, an international technology group, has announced the successful start-up of a new velour loom at Foss Floors in Rome, United States (GA). The loom is designed to produce high-quality flooring made from recycled plastic, and the start-up occurred in early 2023. The 5.3 m loom, which is of type SDV, was delivered by Andritz to Foss Floors.

Andritz Laroche textile recycling line 2021. Pic: Andritz
Andritz to exhibit nonwoven & recycling tech at ITMA 2023 in Milan

4th May 2023

Andritz will be showcasing its nonwovens production and textile-recycling solutions at ITMA from June 8-14, 2023. The company offers products and services in the industrial digitalisation sector under the brand name Metris. Andritz's chemical/circular textile recycling technologies, fibre preparation, and ADuro F fine grinder will also be showcased.

Pic: Andritz
Austrian firm Andritz’s revenue soars 28.5% in Q1 FY23

27th Apr 2023

Austrian technology group Andritz has reported a 28.5 per cent increase in revenue to €1,962.6 million for Q1 FY23 compared to Q1 FY22. The company's order intake fell 6.5 per cent YoY to €2,420.2 million, with the exception of its metals business area, which saw growth. Despite the decline in orders, Andritz's order backlog rose to €10,407.8 million.

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