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Protective Textiles

Courtesy: W. L. Gore & Associates
Gore displays technical solutions for military at AUSA

11th Oct 2018

WL Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) showed high-performance Gore cables and materials and next-gen Gore military fabrics at the Association of US Army (AUSA) annual meeting and exposition. The military has relied on Gore’s technical solutions for decades as they ensure combat readiness and operational success every time on the battlefield and in the air.

Courtesy: Alexium
Alexium names Jason Lewis the chief financial officer

8th Oct 2018

Alexium International Group has named Jason Lewis the chief financial officer and Allen Reihman the chief commercial officer. Lewis succeeds Aaron Krech who has resigned from his position. Lewis will commence working on October 22, 2018, and Brian Enlow, existing vice president of Finance, will manage the responsibilities during the interim period.

Courtesy: Tarasafe
Tarasafe unveils Tararc against arc flash fires

21st Sep 2018

Tarasafe, a leading brand of flame-resistant (FR) apparel, has unveiled Tararc, a product line that protects against arc flash fires and delivers superior comfort through fabric and design innovation, without compromising the safety of its wearers. Wearing arc-rated garments and PPE is the main line of defense against severe injuries due to arc flash.

Courtesy: Rostec
Rostec develops exoskeletons for combat suits

6th Sep 2018

Rostec has developed exoskeletons for combat suits which have been already tested by the Russian Army under combat environment conditions. These have displayed high efficiency. A fully operative passive exoskeleton significantly increases physical abilities of a soldier, protects joints and the spine and can be adjusted to the height of a particular...

Courtesy: Jacob-holm
Jacob Holm launches Kevlar & Nomex fabric supply chain

4th Sep 2018

Jacob Holm, a global leader and innovator of spunlace nonwoven fabrics and finished goods, has announced a simplified supply chain for its production of Kevlar and Nomex protective fabric products, effective September 1, 2018. Jacob Holm will deliver Kevlar and Nomex protective fabric products directly from the Sontara Old Hickory production site.

Courtesy: Code Green
Code Green Apparel taking over Zoombang Companies

4th Sep 2018

Code Green Apparel Corp is taking over the Zoombang Companies through a tax-free share exchange agreement. For this purpose, it has signed a binding letter of intent. The Zoombang Companies manufactures impact protection gear for use in sports, military, police, tactical, industrial, equine and medical applications using its proprietary polymer...

Courtesy: Donna Lindner/DVIDS
Air Force Research Lab to use silk in synthetic fibres

1st Sep 2018

Scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory and Purdue University are trying to apply natural silk to synthetic fibres like artificial spider silk, which is stronger than the polymer Kevlar and more flexible than nylon. The aim is to develop a functional fibre that can be woven into sizeable, flexible fabrics using existing textile manufacturing...

New products make flame resistant fabric market dynamic
New products make flame resistant fabric market dynamic

24th Aug 2018

Newer, evolved products being launched every now and then have served to make the flame resistant and retardant fabrics market highly dynamic, according to a recent report. Research and development centres are seen expending significant sums to come up with more cutting-edge flame resistant and retardant fabrics using new types of materials.

Courtesy: Kraig Biocraft
Kraig Biocraft makes silk shootpack panels for US army

22nd Aug 2018

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a developer of spider silk based fibres, has delivered ballistic shootpack panels to the US army made from the company’s proprietary dragon silk material. The panels will be checked for effectiveness in stopping bullets, to provide the army with a lighter and more comfortable alternative to conventional protective apparel.

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