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Protective Textiles

California assembly introduces bill to ban PFAS in firefighter gear
California assembly introduces bill to ban PFAS in firefighter gear

30th May 2024

Assembly member Matt Haney in the US state of California recently introduced legislation aimed at banning the use of cancerous chemicals in firefighter gear. The proposed legislation, named the Firefighter Cancer Prevention Act, protects California firefighters from known cancer-causing chemicals called PFAS, also called ‘forever chemicals’.

Firefighters’ clothing safer to wear, maintain, manufacture: Research
Firefighter clothing now safe to wear, maintain: Canadian researchers

28th May 2024

University of Alberta studies reveal vulnerabilities in firefighters' clothing, highlighting degradation of fibres in warm water and residual sulfur's impact on fabric sensitivity. PBI fibres, crucial for protective gear, degrade faster in moisture due to sulfuric acid residues. The analysis of dye-related compounds aids in environmental...

US’ Milliken & Company develops FR fabrics for NASA’s Artemis missions
US’ Milliken & Company develops FR fabrics for NASA’s Artemis missions

17th May 2024

Milliken & Company has collaborated with Jacobs to design flame-resistant fabrics for astronauts in Artemis III, NASA's upcoming lunar mission. Milliken's expertise in FR and fabric manufacturing supports NASA's safety requirements for the Human Landing System. The project progresses to prototype finalisation and manufacturing by fall 2024.

American brand AmorSui expands PPE product line
American brand AmorSui expands PPE product line

9th May 2024

AmorSui expands its PPE line with lab coats, fire-resistant wear, and reusable isolation gowns, prioritising sustainability and inclusivity. Products feature adjustable fits and durable, recyclable materials. AmorSui's take-back programme and subscription service reduce PPE waste, offering long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

UK’s BitePRO launches advanced STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing brand
UK’s BitePRO launches advanced Strongtex anti-ligature clothing brand

12th Apr 2024

BitePRO launches Strongtex, an advanced anti-ligature clothing range for healthcare and custodial settings, aiming to reduce self-harm risks. This fabric inhibits ligature formation, promoting safety. It is washable at 71C, fire-retardant, and tested to international standards. Personalisation options and anti-ligature bedding expected in future...

Australia’s Ansell to acquire Kimberly-Clark's PPE biz for $640 mn
Australia’s Ansell to acquire Kimberly-Clark's PPE biz for $640 mn

9th Apr 2024

Ansell will acquire Kimberly-Clark's Personal Protective Equipment business for $640 million. The deal, expected to finalise by September 2024, strengthens Ansell's presence in clean room applications and expands its product portfolio for scientific sectors. CEO Neil Salmon highlights synergies, emphasising benefits for customers and shareholders.

Pic: Fire-Dex
US’ Fire-Dex launches non-fluorinated barrier for firefighter gear

2nd Apr 2024

Fire-Dex has launched a non-fluorinated moisture barrier for firefighter gear, in collaboration with Stedfast, featuring Stedair Clear. This innovative barrier meets NFPA 1971 standards, offering enhanced breathability and performance. Alongside, Fire-Dex introduces AeroFlex gear with AeroVent Technology and VaporLite Panels to improve firefighter...

Pic: Galls
US company Galls completes acquisition of LVI

22nd Feb 2024

Galls completes acquisition of LVI, a seasoned 3PL partner specialising in military logistics for over 28 years. The move strengthens Galls' presence in the defence sector, enhancing its ability to secure DLA contracts and provide comprehensive supply chain solutions for military branches. This aligns with Galls' commitment to serving uniformed...

Pic: PRNewswire
Former US firefighter launches fire-resistant apparel company

22nd Feb 2024

FILO Apparel, founded by former firefighter Sean Conant and friend Dan McLaughlin, offers affordable, PFAS-free Nomex uniforms for firefighters. Their direct-to-consumer model provides cost savings, faster delivery, and customisation options. The line, inspired by Conant's frustrations with traditional uniforms, prioritises safety and fit.

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