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Pic: Shutterstock
US’ Owens Corning’s sales rise 16% to $2.6 bn in Q2 FY22

29th Jul 2022

Owens Corning, a global building and construction materials leader headquartered in the US, has reported net sales increase of 16 per cent to $2.6 billion in the second quarter of fiscal 2022. The company’s adjusted EBIT margins climbed to 20 per cent and adjusted EBITDA margins increased to 25 per cent in the second quarter of fiscal 2022.

Pic: Washington State University
WSU researchers use disposable masks to make durable concrete

4th May 2022

Researchers have demonstrated the idea of incorporating old masks into a cement mixture to create stronger, more durable concrete. In a paper published in the journal, Materials Letters, a Washington State University research team, showed that the mixture using mask materials was 47 per cent stronger than commonly used cement after a month of curing.

Pic: IFAI Tent
IFAI tent expo displays innovations in tents and equipment at US

3rd Feb 2022

Hundreds of tents and rental professionals gathered at the recently held IFAI tent expo at Daytona Beach. Members of the Tent Rental Division and other industry professionals met in person for the first time in two years, driving near-record attendance at this year’s event. Tent Expo is a leading show for the tent rental and supply industry.

Pic: Fibrolux
Germany’s Fibrolux supplies 16 km of custom fiberglass pultrusion

1st Feb 2022

Fibrolux, a German leader of pultruded composites and a pultruder in Europe, has completed its largest civil engineering project. Fibrolux has supplied more than 16 km of a large-scale custom fibreglass pultrusion that enabled the refurbishment of the 1 km Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Bridge in Torun, Poland with double width pedestrian and cycling walkways.

Pic: Strohm
Netherlands’ Strohm & Evonik get certification for composite pipe

31st Jan 2022

Strohm and Evonik have been awarded certification from DNV, attesting that the unidirectional Carbon Fibre PA12 tape “VESTAPE PA12-CF” (PA12) used for Strohm’s Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) is fit to use for dynamic sweet and sour hydrocarbons, water, and gas injection applications according to DNV-ST-F119. Strohm is Netherlands’ manufacturer TCPs.

Pic: The Michigan Department of Transportation
US’ MDOT pioneers in carbon fibre reinforced bridge beams

12th Jan 2022

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is leading the way in carbon fibre reinforced bridge beams - an evolutionary step forward - with the goal of a 100-year bridge in sight. Since 2001, MDOT has been collaborating with Lawrence Technological University (LTU) on researching carbon fibre reinforced polymer materials in concrete bridge beams.

Pic: Fab Foam
Canada’s Fab-Form & Hagihara enter into fabric development agreement

9th Dec 2021

Canada’s Fab-Form has entered into a fabric development agreement with Japanese firm Hagihara. The agreement will enable both companies to research, test, and develop a unique fabric optimised for the Fast-Tube fabric column form. Concrete pressures in the fabric form induce tensile force in the weft direction only, not in the warp direction.

Pic: Owens Corning
US’ Owens Corning acquires German nonwovens firm Vliepa

2nd Aug 2021

US-based Owens Corning has acquired Vliepa GmbH, which specialises in the coating, printing and finishing of nonwovens, paper and film for the building materials industry. The acquisition broadens Owens Corning’s global nonwovens portfolio to better serve European customers and accelerate growth of building and construction market applications in the...

Pic: National Composites Centre
UK’s NCC designs propeller blade to reduce cost, improve performance

15th Jul 2021

National Composites Centre (NCC) has designed a prototype propeller blade using a process that has never been used before in this application, as part of a £20 million research and development programme led by Dowty Propellers. The four-year Digital Propulsion (DigiProp) programme was meant to develop blades which reduce costs but improve performance.

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